Hong Kong Modeling Agency: The Best 5 Agencies For Models

These model agencies ensure high-quality products, brands and campaigns. From commercials for the beauty industry to work in Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and much more. The best modeling agencies in Hong Kong, the reliable partner for perfect photo shootings & videos: agencies organize transformable models talents for photo campaigns, photo shoots and advertising film. Agencies attach importance to ambition and punctuality. Together, you achieve representative results that convince you and your customers. The product, location, model: Every single part of the shoot must be accurate so you can be sure that you always achieve the result you want!

Your chance to see the best fashion brands and popular brands in Hong Kong

Why should you book a model for your production?

Models will motivate your production team and photographers to get the most out of each project. Models adapt to different challenges. It is clear, only if the model in the profession at any time feels comfortable can retrieve their performance. Here you will find our ranking with the best agencies in Hong Kong. See the top modeling agencies in Hong Kong here! Go back to Asia and have a look at many other model agencies!

If you want to become a model in Hongkong, you should also check out Shenzhen (China).

Synergy Model Management Hong Kong

Synergy Model Management is a great model agency they have a lot of covers and beautiful girls, but they have only women.

Style International Management Group

Style International Management Group is a very professional company they have different Models and they’re all perfect. Style International Manegement Group has a great creativity.

Model Group Hong Kong

Model Group shoot men and woman. They have many covers, for example from Teaser Magazin, Trend Report, Vogue, Velvet, Elle and more.

  • Model Group
  • Rm7F, B, Tianjian Mingyuan, 19th East Shangbao Rd, Futian, Shenzhen China
  • office@modelgroup.hk
  • +852 86 755 8212 8991

Icon Model Management

If you look at the page of Icon Model Management you can only see cover from Marie Claire Style, female, Hanger, Cosmopolitan, Home and a lot of more. Icon Model Management is a professional company and very successful.


  • Level 8 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  •  management@iconmodel-kl.com
  • +852 60321443358


Tokyo Model Agency: The Best 9 Agencies For Models

The best modeling agencies address for Tokyo, Japan! These agencies guarantee quality products, brands and campaigns, international commercials for the cosmetics industry, work in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing  and many more. Good modeling agencies in Tokyo, which guarantees reliable partners for perfect photo productions & videos: They organize changeable model for advertising film, advertising campaigns, photo shootings and shops.

Model agencies for campaigns and fashion shoots in Tokyo

Agencies attach great importance to punctuality, ambition and motivation. Together, you can achieve high quality, representative shooting results that convince you and your customers. Everyone knows, only those who are completely satisfied with the job at any time can get their performance in any planned photo shooting. No detail may be omitted at the booking date: Each part of the shoot has to sit perfectly so that your team can achieve your desired result for your project. Flexible solutions are standard for models. They motivate teams to always get the best out of them. From the photo shoot for national fashion houses to the cover shoot for fashion magazines to the catwalk of a fashion show. Models and young talents can adapt to a wide variety of challenges.

In the ranking, we looked at the top agencies in Tokyo. See the top modeling agencies in Hong KongShanghai or all Asian super models here! Go back to Asia and have a look at many other model agencies!

If you want to become a model in Tokyo, you might also like model agencies in Seoul (South Korea).

Bravo Models

Bravo Models is a good Model agency They shoot woman and man.On the website, you can see that they have many cover and international models.

Wilhelmina Tokyo

Wilhelmina Models is not just based in all fashion capitals like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. They have more affiliates in USA, Canada, Thailand, Dubai and Japan.

  • 204 3 Chome 4-6 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
  • info@wilhelmina.co.jp
  • +813 0 6804 2229

Donna Models

Donna Models represent a professional Model agency.They have international woman and cover. For example from Austin Power, Vogue, A.P.C.F/W and Bazaar .The Models Walk for Gucci, Carven, Coach, Morgaret Howelle ect.

Satoru Japan

On the website From Satoru Japan can you see that they have many Asian women but they search new faces.

Zucca Models Tokyo

Zucca Models only has woman on their website they focus on faces too. They have woman with long and short hair. Zucca Models has many different Models.

Stage Tokyo Model Agency

Stage Tokyo Model Agency Focus on faces which are different. It is a great Agency and very professional.

CDU Models Tokyo

CDU Models has different Models (woman, men, and Asian people) their search new types. CDU Models has a cover on their website from Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle, her world and more.

Exiles Model Management

On the website from Exiles Model Management, you can see that they have only men and they focus on many different people.

  • www.exileshype.com
  • Instagram > www.instagram.com/name
  • 6f Maruei Bldg. 1-9-7 Jinnan Shibuya-ku
  • exiles@exileshype.com
  • +81 0 3 6415 6777

Surge Models

Surge Models is a professional company. There are very creative. On the website can you see that they have cover from Vogue, Bazaar, Dior, Givenchy and more. This Model agency is so good.

Fashion Photographer: Worlds #1 Photograhpy Talents For Advertisement

Photography is a big topic. We don’t only see pictures in our everyday life, a big part is making them ourselves. But what makes a photographer great? It is defenitly the style, precision and mostly the love to show the beauty of models and fashion in great images. We collected a top list for you to get to see the Number 1 Photography talents and fashion photographers of the world. Go and check out who is on the list and which photographers are well know for being excellent at their job! Fashion, models and much more are shown in amazing images by these experts and photographers.

Top Fashion Photographer

Read more about the fashion world of photographers!

Oliver Rudolph Photographer

Oliver Rudolph ist based in Germany: Berlin. He is a fashion and advertorial photographer, with a strive to capture the more natural beauty of the models he is shooting. From London to Munich and Paris – He is traveling around for shootings and amazing jobs.

Dan Smith Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Dan Smith is based in United Kingdom: London. From Elle UK to Harpers Bazaar – Dan Smith has photo hauls in big fashion magazines. On his instagarm he shows not only beauty and fashion shots, but also a variety of textures and landscapes or art photography.

Jane Mcleish-Kelsey Photographer For Models & Fashion

Jane Mcleish-Kelsey is based in UK / London. Represented by A&R Creative, Jane shoot creative and artsy fashion shoots. For interviews she capures the vibes of the person that she is shooting perfectly, so that one can imagine the personality of the model very easily.

IO Video Production

The agency for video & advertising film shows with its very young partners but also the established traditional customers, how modern videos for brands look as an image film. The special focus of the film agency is in particular on social media videos and fashion as well as lifestyle. The good and experienced eye of the creative agency is played internationally and booked by agencies in Los Angeles, Amsterdam but also companies in Germany.

James Hickley Photographer For Models & Fashion

James Hickley is based in USA / Los Angeles. Stars like Nicole Scherzinger, 50 Cent and Paris Hilton are shown by James Hickley.

Mario Testino Photography

Mario Testino is based in UK: London. Stunning pictures and videos by Mario Testino are shot with celebrities like Maria Borges, Lily Aldrige.

Erez Sabag Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Erez Sabag is based in USA: New York – Film, Fashion, Beauty and Advertising Erez has a lot of great work to show. Check out his instagram if you need awesome beauty shooting inspirations.

Thomas Whiteside Photographer For Models & Fashion

Thomas Whiteside is based in the United States: New York, he works with fashion magazines and is also a videographer for capturing moments with fashion models or icons like Stella Maxwell.

Elisabeth Hoff Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Elisabeth Hoff is based in UK: London. Pursuing her dream job she portraits celebrities or works as a director and photographer for big clients in the UK and abroad.

Vic Lentaigne Fashion Photographer

Vic Lentaigne is based in UK: London. If you are looking for edgy fashion and photography that captures more edgy and cool looks Kourosh is the photographer to get inspiration from.

Kourosh Sotoodeh Photographer

Kourosh Sotoodeh is based in USA: New York. He works for clients like fashion magazines Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and does very amazing covers or beauty editorails.

Sagar Manjarres Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Sagar Manjarres is based in the United States: Los Angeles and shows the beautiful beaches and models in the LA locations that make you dream.

Chantelle Dosser Photographer For Models & Fashion

Chantelle Dosser is based in UK and France / London/Paris. She is currently represented by the Art Board.

Wendelien Daan Fashion Photographer

Wendelien Daan is based in Netherlands: Amtserdam. She studied fashion and shows attractive women in various ways.

Paolo Simi Advertisment & Fashion Photography

Paolo Simi is based in Italy / Milano

Philipp Jelenska Photographer For Models & Fashion

Philipp Jelenska is based in Austria: Wien

Peter Edqvist Photographer

Peter Edqvist is based in Schweden / Stockholm

Luc Coiffait Photographer

Luc Coiffait is based in UK and United States: London/LA/NYC

Yugo Takahashi Fashion Photographer

Yugo Takahashi is based in Canada / Toronto

Blair Getz Mezibov Photographer

Blair Getz Mezibov is based in USA: New York

Vikram Pathak Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Vikram Pathak is based in USA / New York

Rhian Cox Photographer For Models & Fashion

Rhian Cox is based in UK: London

Celcilie Harris Photographer

Celcilie Harris is based in United Kingdom: London

Jaqueline Puwalski Photographer

Jaqueline Puwalski is based in USA: Los Angeles

John Ng Photography

John Ng is based in USA: Chicago

Petra Ford Photographer For Models & Fashion

Petra Ford is based in USA: Chicago

Harrison Hillman Photography

Harrison Hillman is based in USA / Chicago

Remi & Kaisa Photographer For Models & Fashion

Remi & Kaisa is based in France: Paris

Vito Fernicola Photographer

Vito Fernicola is based in France / Paris

Maxim Gagarin Advertisment & Fashion Photographer

Maxim Gagarin is based in France: Paris

Horst Diekgerdes Photographer

Horst Diekgerdes is based in Swiss / Zurich

Eric Condette Photography

Eric Condette is based in Swiss: Zurich

Brett Kincaid Photographer

Brett Kincaid is based in USA: New York

Peter Coulson Photographer For Models & Fashion

Peter Coulson is based in Australia: Sydney

Alex Pott Photographer

Alex Pott is based in Australia: Melbourne

Ren Pidgeon Photography

Ren Pidgeon is based in Australia: Melbourne

Apela Bell Photographer For Models & Fashion

Apela Bell is based in New Zealand: Auckland

Yuri Catania Photography

Yuri Catania is based in the United States / New York

Ryan Michael Kelly Photographer For Models & Fashion

Ryan Michael Kelly is based in USA / New York

Bali Model Agency: The Top Three Agencies For Models

You are from Bali and always wanted to be a model? Or are you an photographer, designer or editor looking for a Balinese model? Either way, we found the top professional modeling agencies in Bali for you! Bali is a small Indonesian province including a small group of islands next to the island of Bali. Although a small island, Bali’s arts scene is highly developed and same goes for dance and music. Of course, there are beautiful models in Bali, as well! Balinese agenies are rare, but the few that do exist are well established with no need to hide behind the bigger agencies in Asia.

Bali’s not enough for you? Have a look at the top modeling agencies in Jakarta, too.

Balistarz Models

Balistarz is without a doubt the leading model and creative agency around. Their portfolio includes lots of men and women with national and international looks. For seventeen years, Balistarz worked hard to be one of the top agencies in Indonesia, and their huge client network is proof of their success in the industry.

Shooting for John Hardy with Model Cara Delevingne

The Seven Models

Although the name doesn’t suggest it, The Seven Event is involved in the model business, and the event and production business as well. The Seven models are qualified to work on fashion photo and video shootings such as editorial, catalogue, campaign, advertising and also runway. They are not only ready to work in Indonesia (Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya) but also, even more so overseas.

Fame Models

Fame Models are placed in Bali, Jakarta and Amsterdam. They focus on commercial and fashion related work and are proud to be the first Indonesian modeling agency that books and markets models from all over the world.

Jakarta: The most successful Agencies For Models

As the largest city in Indonesia Jakarta is the capital, as well. If you’re in Indonesia and want to become a professional model, Jakarta is where you have to go! Many different political and ethnical groups frequent in Jakarta, so the city is a place of variety and globalism. Many people visit Jakarta for its numerous arts and culture events, but also as a means to visit other places such as the province of Bali. That’s why Jakarta is also called the gate-way to Indonesia, and as a gateway it does not only open the way in terms of traffic but also for models from all over the world. Beauty is highly valued in Indonesia, so it’s only natural that the top agencies are mostly placed in the capital. Have a look at the best agencies for modeling in Jakarta!

You want to know more professional modeling agencies in Indonesia? Read more about the top agencies for models in Bali.

Edge Models

Edge Models provides professional fashion models for photoshoots, runway works and commercials. They work both with new faces and established unique faces and aim for variety in their portfolio.

  • Edge Models Website
  • Edge Models Instagram
  • Jl. Swadaya II no. 34, RT/RW. 014/008, Kel. Manggarai, Kec. Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12850
  • Tel. +62 857-1610-8047 // +62 896-5441-4554
  • fery.edgemodelsjkt@gmail.com

Edge Model Clara Tan for Maybelline Indonesia Commercial

Erna Tan on the catwalk for Jakarta Fashion Week

Amor Models

Amor Models is a younger agency for modeling, established in 2014 and based in Jakarta. As part of the Amor Group their focus is on international models for the Indonesian market. They have three devisions: Amor Kids for very young models, Armor Models for female models, and H.I.M Agency for male models.

Model Maria for Grazia Magazine Shooting

WYNN Models

WYNN Models is an agency for modeling that was established in 2013- They are a versatile modeling agency with lots of experience in the industry – WYNN Models are pioneers in the world of entertainment and work both national and international.

Model Interview: Lana Korchkova shares her modelling Story

Fame Models

Fame Models are placed in Bali, Jakarta and Amsterdam. They focus on commercial and fashion related work and are proud to be the first Indonesian modeling agency that books and markets models from all over the world.

Posture Management

This agency is to increase awareness for Indonesia’s top models and artists in the entertainment industry. They have a big pool of models, talents, presenters and artists – their client list includes Coca-Cola, P&G, Esprit, Men’s Health, Saatchi & Saatchi, Cosmopolitan, Caldecott, Unilever and many, many more.

BULE Models

As a modeling agency BULE Models is a tiny bit different as other modeling agencies: They are a ‘foreign agency’ – that basically means that they import international models from all over the world to Indonesia. With this strategy they managed to work together with the most prestigious brands and companies in Jakarta and all of Indonesia.

No: 1 Models

No: 1 Models is an agency for modeling, they also supply training and organize events, though. The founder Fritz Panjaitan is widely known for his fresh ideas and motivation – No: 1 Models work together with all the big and famous: Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Malborghini, Rococo, Kamikaze and many more.

TMA Models

The Top Model Agency is a professional modeling agency based in Jakarta. Backed up by lots of experience TMA Models are asked for by many, especially for editorials: Annisa Magazine, Women’s Health, Pesona Magazine and JOY Magazine, just to name a few.

Beauty Commercial for the most glamorous brand “Make Over”

21MM Models

21 Millimeters Management is an agency for models, talents and artists. They are based in Indonesia as well as in Singapore and work both with males and females.

F*Models International

This agency has been around for the last six years and is a successful and well known modeling agency in Jakarta. Their portfolio consists of a variety of male and female models, lots of them based out of town. F*Models are great faces for magazine covers such as Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar.

  • F*Models International
  • F*Models Facebook
  • Ruko Grand Apple Jl. Tebet Raya no. 2 Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12820 Indonesia
  • Tel. +62 2183787266
  • lucy@fmodelsinternational.co.id // evelyn@fmodelsinternational.co.id

Guangzhou: Find The Right Agency For You

Top model agencies in Chengdu, the reliable partner for expressive photos: Agencies provide multi faceted models for photo campaigns, photo shootings and advertising films. Model agencies attach importance to ambition and punctuality. Together with you, we achieve prestigious, high quality results, which convince your agency. The country needs new ideas. Models adapt to different situations. The required maximum lead is only available if the model can feel comfortable and develop in her job through well-organized project management. Product, location, model: Everything must be accurate so that you can achieve your desired result for your project! From the catwalk on a fashion show to fashion shoots for international fashion chains to the advertising film. Flexible solutions are standard for you.

Find your modeling agency for online campaigns and fashion photo shootings

Model agencies in Guangzhou! Here you will find the best agencies in one listed ranking for you. Find the perfect agency to be represented in Guangzhou, China. The best way to make a great career, is to have a full book. Here you will have a lot of different jobs and shootings to upgrade your model book. Have fun with our ranking.

V Model

V Model Management is a highly professional modeling agency that was established in 2015 and has quickly risen to one of the top agencies in Guangzhou. Their instagram account has 31,5k followers which is quite impressive on its own, in addition V models have worked together with Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and all the well known international brands.

  • V Models
  • V Model Instagram
  • Zhujiang, New Town, Hai Le Lu He Jing Ruifeng, Guangzhou
  • info@vmodelmgmt.com
  • +86 (0) 20-83 98-11 90

SMG Models Management

SMG Models are quite experienced in all things regarding beauty and fashion. Their models are solely female and work with international brands, media and agencies.

Top Shine Models

Top Shine Models is a successful modeling agency that specializes in commercials and brand influence. They have a good reputation and are well known all throughout China.


modelGenesis is one of the very few Chinese modeling agencies that knows well how to present their models on Social Media channels. Their portfolio consists of a beautiful mix of traditional and unique looks and they also have a few celebrities on board.

Commercial for Udon Noodles by CHEWY with Sarah Chan

Fable Models

Fable Models is an international model agency, so they represent not only classical asian looks but international looks as well. Fable Models work both with male and female models and besides Guangzhou are also placed in Shenzhen, as well

Sherry Model

Sherry Model is a good company in Guangzhou that is named after its Owner Sherry Fan. It’s the first agency for models in China that offered international models as stay on in 2000. Sherry Models has some extraordinarily beautiful faces in their portfolio.

 QUEST Artists & Models

QUEST Models is an agency that works both with artists and models – with good results in both devisions. They are one of the younger agencies, founded in 2013, but they are backed up by the huge knodledge and experience of CEO Marie Kwong who was a renowned head booker of Elite HK for over 15 years before founding QUEST Artists & Models.

M|G Models

The Model Group Agency M|G has a huge variety of male and female models, many with international looks. Traditional Asian looks are the exception here, for M|G aims big on the international market.

  • M|G Models
  • M|G Models Facebook
  • Room 2003, Block A, East Tower, Zong Heng international Building, 456th Xin Gang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou
  • office@modelgroup.hk
  • +86 (0) 755-8212-8991


SUPERMII MODELS were launched in 2008 and define themselves as a boutique agency. They represent super models and help new faces to become rising stars in the fashion industry.

  • Room 1606, 16F, A Block, Harbour 18 Business Tower, 19 Dong Hua Nan Road, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou
  • oscar@supermii.com
  • +86 (0) 20-8358-8568 // 8058 // 1005


Elves is a great model agency wiht lots of experience and expert knowledge in the fashion industry. They have extraordinary models, men and woman, and take part in fashion shows, advertisement and commercial work, editorials, promotions and exhibitions.

FO Models

FO Models is a professional modeling agency with mostly international faces. They focus on working with female models, but there are a few male models in their portfolio as well.


ACTIVE MODELS is a modeling agency with locations in Guangzhou/China and Toronto/Canada. They work with Asian models as well as with international models and are in cooperation with Backstage Professional and Manner Hair design.

FMI Models

Face Models International, short: FMI are a professional agency for modeling with locations in Taipei, Guangzhou and Shanghai. They focus on portraits and faces and strive for the special model look.

Jimmy Model Management

Jimmy Model Management has international models. It’s a professional agency with professional models with jobs like cover shootings for Style, Elle, Red Zone and Lóffical. Jimmy Model Management focuses on body and shape as main requirements for their models.


Lemo is a model agency that is also engaged in brand plannin, Performing Arts production, model training, business models and, and, and… They provide foreign and domestic models, some of which are incredibly beautiful.

DAWN International Models

DAWN International Models is one of the older modeling agencies in China, being established in 1995. It is the oldest model agency in Guangzhou! Over the years their contact networks have imporved greatly and clients like Phillip, Sony, P&G, Siemens and others are among the regulars. DAWN International Models represents adults, babies, children and teenager ranging from newborns to 17 year olds.

  • Dawn International Models
  • Suite 106, Building 1, Bu Yi Gang No. 13 Garden, Yi Yuan Nan Lu Road, Xin Gang Zhongm Road, Guangzhou
  • dawnmodels@hotmail.com
  • +86 (0) 20-3431-8808 // +86 (0) 159-1315-4020


POSCHE MODELS have a great portfolio with lots of different models. They do editorials, commercials, cover shoots, runways and are also well known internationally.

Find more

Have a look at all cities in China to find your model agency:

Or go back to China.

New Delhi: The 3 Best Model Agencies

New Delhi is the capital city of India and is famous for its special history and buildings. Like most of the world’s capitals, you can find the one or other model agency here Read more

Beijing: The best 4 modeling agencies in the capital of China

Top model agencies in Beijung, the reliable partner for expressive photos: Agencies provide multi faceted models for photo campaigns, photo shootings and advertising films. Model agencies attach importance to ambition and punctuality. Together with you, we achieve prestigious, high quality results, which convince your agency. The country needs new ideas. Models adapt to different situations. The required maximum lead is only available if the model can feel comfortable and develop in her job through well-organized project management. Product, location, model: Everything must be accurate so that you can achieve your desired result for your project! From the catwalk on a fashion show to fashion shoots for international fashion chains to the advertising film. Flexible solutions are standard for you.

Find your modeling agency for online campaigns and fashion photo shootings

Beijing is one the top cities for the future. More then thirty million people are located in the major city of China. Models can work for a lot of campanies and different products of international brands. We checked Beijings top modeling agencies for you to help you with your decision to find the perfect agency in Chinas Beijing.

APM Agency Plenty Models

APM Agency Plenty Models is a good Model Company. They have woman and man. The pictures from APM Agency Plenty Models look very good.

Ruta Model Management

Ruta Model Management shoote only woman .They focus on faces. They are all different types.

Model Voor 1 Day

Model Voor 1 Day make fotoshoot and duo shoots. That is a good company to try as a model. So try it out.

  • Model Voor 1 Models
  • Gedempte Zalmhaven 607, 3011 BT, Rotterdam
  • +8610 (0) 31 10 414 58 20

Synergy Model Management

Synergy model management is based in Beijing, the capital of great China. They have very famous clients and they do a lot of print publications in international magazines as well. Such as Vogue, Marie Claire, V Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.

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Find all the other cities in China

  • Chengdu
  • Guangzhou
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen

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Russia: Modeling From Moscow to Saint-Peterburg

If you want to become a model in Russia, check out the listed agencies in Russias cities and start your model dream today.

Agencies for Models in Russia

Check out different cities in Russia and apply today.

Avant Models

Avant Models – leading the top modeling agency in Moscow, founded in 2004, many years holds by a wide margin the first position among the model agencies in Russia. It is the flagship model agency in Russia in the classical European sense: focus exclusively on building a long-term career high fashion models abroad. It has partners in Milan, Paris, London, New York. There are also divisions Avant Men and a private model school.

Aquarelle Models

Aquarelle Models ia a professional model agency n the website you can see it. They have internationa models. They represent professionality.

DMA Models

DISTINCTIVE model agency was established in 2013 in Moscow as an international mother agency. In 2015 we opened our office in Orenburg, Russia. The idea is to bring a small group of exclusively represented models to the world wide fashion market. They are happy to see the amazing results of our work! Our roster of models is rapidly growing as well as the number of completed international contracts

other agencies in Moscow.

Find all the other cities in Russia or go back to Europe

Osaka – The best modeling agencies in one view

You like to find the best modeling agency in Osaka? Find the best agencies here in our ranking about one of the most popular cities in Japan. As a model you have a few good agencies here to work with.


Select Eve Model Management

Select Eve Model Management represent professionaity and beautiful models. Go on the website from Select Eve Model Management and convinced youself.

Zem Model Management

Zem Model Management is a young model agency. They seach new faces. Zem Model Management focus on eyes and body.