Modeling Jobs: Showroom, runway and fashion shows | Become a model #13

Fashion trade shows and shows will be taking place in all big cities. In general, every fashion trade show has a big retail center.  Manufacturer and retailer show their products in rags, while buyer and media representatives browse through the latest collection and look at different garments. Some of the bigger order trade shows will have designers shows. That is our keyword, runway shows at Fashion Week. Here, fifteen to twenty models will present collections in front of photographers, audience and magazines and meet celebrities, bloggers, editors and selected visitors. The smallest and most private presentation will be in showrooms. You will work in many showrooms at the beginning of your career as a high fashion model. They are located in almost every city. Not every successful brand or designer will automatically move into a bigger city, some stay in smaller ones. But still, most of them are in the centre, where everything happens.

Showroom: First jobs for new faces

Showroom jobs are a great entrance for models. A showroom should present the latest collection of a designer in front of less or fewer people. A showroom is a small stage, not very spectacular. There is no runway and no audience, just the designer, the team, some buyers, and you. Retailer and buyer are the most important people for the designer. The collection will be presented and selected pieces will be shown to retailer representatives and buyers from around the world.

Designer meets customer

With your help a buyer decides to get a certain model during the conversation with the designer, you will present it to them live. The buyer will then be able to have a closer look at the quality and tailoring of the garment, the fit and fabric. For showroom jobs, usually and mainly, new faces will be booked with perfect measurements, because experience and image is not so important for these jobs. It is important to be polite and in shape, like for the trade show jobs. You will find showrooms not only on trade shows, and the designers will present their collection throughout the whole year. Sometimes they are in the back of a boutique/store or in the atelier of a designer or the retail centre – but sometimes on trade shows. The payment for showroom jobs is lower because models only present and no pictures or videos are be taken. More important for these jobs: you might get to know designers like Guido Maria Kretschmer or their assistants or closest persons. Even at the beginning of your career, you will be working with international brands and if you are older, they might book you for follow up jobs. Like: showrooms in different cities, lookbook shots or even campaigns. Very similar are order trade shows. If you have done your first showroom job you will most likely get a booking for an order trade show. The payment here is higher and you will be working several days in a row. Of course, with additional travel expenses and including hotel.

Show and order trade shows

Collections for the latest season. Show and order trade shows, we just know them all, even the central trend ones in Paris, New York and London. Every fashion week is taking place at the same time as an order trade show or vice versa if you want to see it that way.
During the order days, there are not only trade shows for buyers. Important designers present their latest collection every new season only for invited guests and photographers. Those are media representatives, celebrities, musicians, photographers – all looking at the runways. There are exclusive venues taking place around the clock during order days. Of course, after show parties for invited guests, too. Not only retailer but agents will be able to network here. You will get to know a lot of people during the shows. As a model, you can either work here or at castings for the big runways. We will have a look at fashion week castings later.

Here, many international fashion brands are showing their new collection. There are many order trade shows. Even besides the runway, brands will have a lot of jobs at order trade shows. At the same time like the Fashion Week in Berlin, the “Bread&Butter“, “Seek“, “Bright“, “Premium“ and “Panorama“ trade shows are taking place.

All trade shows book models of the agencies in advance. Like in showrooms you will see one or two models at the booth. There will be buyers passing buy, some from smaller stores, some from department stores and they will want to see the samples of the new season. If they are interested, you will present the selected pieces. Again, for an examination of quality and fit. The job is paid quite well compared to other jobs, because the client wants happy models that are able to work several days and still smiling.

Fashion and runway shows

For many, the runway shows of Fashion Week are the highlight. The “who is who“ meets here. Fashion bloggers, media representatives, agencies owners, celebrities. A real exhibition skating it is. Why? Because those who work in fashion are spending a lot of time in the office or studio. For four or five days you will get out of that ”daily routine“ and be able to meet people that are just like you. Show after show, in between small talk in the lounge. Let us now look at the last part the of the show and order days: the shows.

Fashion is living from being special! Show and entertainment are part of marketing of every great brand. Every season, new collections will be launched by designers all over the world. Not only big international designers and retail chains work like that, but also smaller fashion labels. Because they have to present their customers new designs in order to get their attention. Therefore, designers and fashion have to reinvent themselves again in order to stay attractive for their consumers. Smaller shows are taking place in shopping centres all the time, but the Fashion Week presents the masterpieces. In Milan, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and London, every spring, summer, fall and winter season people are looking for new trends and looks. We will have a very close look at the world of Fashion Week shows and castings. I will even dedicate a whole chapter to Fashion Week. We will look at the “Big Four“, “Berlin Fashion Week“ and I will give you an insight into preparation, castings and shows.

Requirements for fashion shows

You will only work at shows if you are young and have the perfect measurements. One is the same with all designers: they create their collections for tall, slim people. The clothing is more elegant, garments and fabrics are floating and fitting better, and it looks exclusive like that. Graceful shapes will make clothing and their price higher. Even though not all fashion brands work with this basis, it is the main part of the industry. Runway shows and presentations underlie an unwritten norm. For female models, it is the strict clothing size of 34 (max. 34/36) and a height of 177-180 cm (which is ideal for the beginning of your career). Your hip measures below 91 cm. For male models, a clothing size of 48 (max 50/52) is set and a height of 185-192 cm. But you should be taller than 187 cm if you are a male model at a Fashion Week. After a couple of months or within the first one or two years, you will see everything. Test shoots, showrooms, shoots for online shops and first bigger projects. Now, it is time for your first big campaign or TV commercial.

Note > A tip for male models: at the beginning of your career you should be paying attention to a younger look for yourself. Therefore, as a male model you should always go to a casting shaved and well groomed.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Help and tips for young models

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Modeling Jobs: Online shops and family shootings | Become a model #9

Beginning as a new face, you will mainly work for online shops. Before it was catalog, and now it is online shops. Everything is sold via the internet and therefore, new pictures are needed all the time, for every new season and every new product. For you, as a model it is not so much about the perfect picture, which you have to produce for the production (like in photoshoots), but the amount of pictures. You will mostly be alone in front of the camera and not acting with other models. You will be booked as model for fashion. Bookings will range from smaller labels to bigger department stores. If new faces are booked, photographers and productions already know that they cannot expect a big variation of poses and expressions. It is your job to shoot the set number of pieces/garments, accessories and products. You will most likely always do the same pose. If you ever heard about “mannequins“, this would be the best expression for this kind of job in which you will shoot, very monotonous. Sometimes, shoots are even done without recognition – only a part of your body will be shown then.

Even though lots of new faces think they are already quite good in facial expressions and posing: well, short and sweet, No! Just look at some professional models on YouTube who are able to do more than hundred of different poses, jumps and so one. As a new face, you have to learn a lot. Of course the pressure is on! The better your book gets, the better you will get, and the better and bigger the jobs. Not only lookbooks but also online shop shoots will become more demanding. It could be that have to shoot with several models on a turning platform. You are walking in studio on an approx. two meters big platform, that is turning all the time and will present the clothes. They will take pictures and videos at the same time. A very exhausting job compared to a “mannequin“. And even more demanding are jobs where you are not only the model, but also have to interact with other people. For campaigns, it is mostly about the one perfect shot. We will now look at how high expectations of a photo shoot can be.

Family shoots: Be happy… always!

There are lots of exhausting productions. We also had the most crazy storyboards and commercial production. From a family father of a TV commercial for cars, from a person climbing down a helicopter or surreal productions for fragrances. Let us look at the classic, which we can convey into many situations. For example, you have to learn how to play with kids and interact with other models. One picture maybe shot for hours. And everybody is just waiting for the models to portray the perfect emotions in the perfect moment, and all posing comes together perfectly. Let’s say the father should play with his child and throw a ball, while the mother is happily clapping her hands, and the dog is looking at the camera while lying on the sofa. Father, mother, child and dog situation – and all has to be simultaneously perfect in one moment. The scene will be repeated and repeated, again and again. Very exhausting! For every single shot, you have to portray that emotion again. It is a challenge to deliver on this job, that demands lots of practice and talent.

Photoshoots and responsibility: It belongs to you as a model

Particularly pictures, which are big on billboards, are always connected to a big production and team. We had bigger productions for bigger clients, which seemed so “small“. TV commercials, which are filmed with smaller cameras, filmed by the model herself/himself for the social media channel of the brand. No matter what, every campaign, whether it has been produced in a “simple“ way or high class level, it has been planned throughout months for advertising by the commercial agency. After that, photographer, equipment, location, catering and much more will be booked for the shoot. And all that just for one picture.

So, the success of a photoshoot is connected to the moment, and therefore to you. Your performance has to be on point. Your smile has to be perfect, even if you had a long night flight the day before. And even then, if you didn’t sleep that much, or are sick. Because you cannot just cancel a production. Experienced models are therefore worth a lot on set, because they deliver their best performance at photoshoots.

Besides fashion, beauty campaigns are also very important for commercial models, when it is about a “daily“ photoshoot. Skincare products for women are a huge market, which will always be connected to great skin, beautiful hair and a youthful tint. For every season, there are new products. Spring, summer, fall and winter – every season has its own special skincare. For being beautiful, many are willing to invest a lot of money, each week or every month. Therefore, new TV commercials are being produced regularly. And that is why we will now look at beauty models!

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

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How To Convince Top Photographers For Test Shootings | Become a model #4

Looking for photographers to get a strong model book? How will you find a good photographer for your test shoot? And how many do you need? If you are already with some good agencies, you will get enquiries from them. That is how you get in touch with photographers. You will get your first photoshoots and first pictures, which will help you working. Once photographers, agencies or yourself post pictures, you will quickly get new requests from other photographers. But now you should be careful: keep in mind – quality!

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

Quality before quantity! Select different styles

A lot of models think that taking as many pictures as possible will help them be successful. But is that true? If you are a young model and shooting with a lot of photographers at the beginning to build your book, you will still end up using only a few shots. Time for planning and shootings is wasted. On social media, there will be too many pictures of you once photographers or others post the editorials. If there are a lot of photoshoots with you, like unpaid tests, why should somebody pay for you? As a model, you have to be selective when it comes to photoshoots for your book. The level and quality should always increase. You should also focus and maintain your exclusiveness. This also applies to jobs. You should select your jobs, clients, and photographers carefully. Modeling agencies will ensure that clients fit you as a model. As explained, jobs on trade shows or for music videos do not usually come from agencies. As a model, it is vital to have a versatile book. A good model management will have great contacts and photographers so that you can build up your book step by step and improve the same way. Nobody will be a star overnight, even top models started from the bottom and worked their way into the modeling Olymp. And that is just the same way you should work on your dream of becoming a model.

Videos: Boost your portfolio with image videos

This is not complicated! Videographers know how to introduce a model to agencies. If you are looking for somebody who is doing your video, visit IO | Video Production.


Enquiries after the first photoshoots

I would like to explain this a bit more. Once younger models are being accepted at an agency and take their first pictures, enquires from photographers will follow automatically via Facebook, Instagram ets. Of course, you will be happy about that but it might get too much. You should always forward all enquires to your agency. They know exactly who is reputable and who is not. And you will also show that you want to work with your agency and not alongside your agency. You will get even more enquiries for jobs. Those are not reputable. Job enquires via Instagram will only be posed by companies that want to save money (and which might not include working hours, don’t use contracts or buyouts etc.). It is your manager’s job to tell you to be patient, which is difficult, because even smaller jobs are interesting for new faces. But: enquiries will come and go. Getting the best and most profitable once is the way to do it. Only by quality you will be a successful model in the long run and be able to get good payment. This applies to clients, media and editorials. Too much of one thing will lower your value and therefore, soon enough you will have to look for photographers who fit your book perfectly by yourself. For example, if you need commercial or sports pictures. Every photographer has a speciality in which he/she is best at. And as a model, once you want to improve your book, you have to look for the most suitable photographer. You will earn enough money then to even consider paid photoshoots with top photographers. We will talk more about that on page 104, about paid photoshoots (paid photoshoots with photographers).

Test shoots with photographers for your book

First of all: What is a test shoot?

All test shoots will be considered unpaid work. In United States test shoots are also called TPF (time for print). This term is mostly used within hobby photographers/models and the international term would be test.

What does that mean?

Photographers, models and make-up artists will work without getting paid. All parties involved use the pictures for their own portfolio. Photographers may take pictures with models they need for their portfolio. For example, pictures he/she won’t get with a job. With new pictures, you will get new clients.

The variety! Test shoots are vital for new faces as they will be your first pictures for your book. Later you will even be paid as a model to do test shoots. For example, if a photographer is looking for a certain type of model for his/her project.

Tipps for your first test

There are some easy steps that will help you. First it is important to convince photographers to shoot with you. Like modeling agencies, photographers get lots of enquiries from models. If you are showing that you are committed and think about your test shoot beforehand, your chances will increase of getting a good photographer for your test. The less time they have to invest, the better for them. On one side, you are nervous as a new face because it is your first test shoot. At the beginning, you don’t really know what you have to do. I have some easy tips for you from fashion the photographer, Oliver Rudolph. He knows exactly what clients want to see and what pictures are needed, what facial expressions are good, because he has been in the industry for quite a while now. In order to get test shoots, you have to convince photographers about yourself and your idea first.

How do you convince photographers?

Convincing photographers takes time, because YOU are the new face!

As I said, it has you to be your aim to get better photographers for each shoot. Better photographers mean for you also that you have to improve each photoshoot. The portfolio of the photographer will be better than yours. He or she has already worked with clients and gained a lot of experience. The higher the expectations of the new pictures, the better the quality of the photographer.

Therefore, you have to convince the photographer of yourself at the photoshoot. Great preparation will help you achieve this goal. You have to plan the entire photoshoot: type, styling, location. Before you now start to think about the photoshoot, keep in mind that it is not only about you. You meet the photographer and you might have to make little adjustments here and there. How can you offer him/her something that he/she maybe hasn’t done so often? Will a make-up artist be at the photoshoot? She/he might have some ideas as well. A test shoot should always include the interests of all parties involved, even when planning it. Additionally, you should collect pictures (moods), which are part of your preparation. If you know how to work with Photoshop, you can create a little mood board yourself. It is enough though to send an email with attached pictures. Keep in mind that you can attach a maximum of two or three pictures per theme (style, styling, location).

Checklist for your mood board:

  1. What kind of pictures to I need?
  2. Sporty, fashion, lifestyle, commercial, family….
  3. Which styling will I get on set?
  4. Brands, colours, clothing, ….
  5. Which location will be nearby?
  6. Surroundings, light, approvals, ….
  7. Collect moods
  8. Sample pictures for what you have in mind

Get in touch with photographers

First, you will write a short, friendly, and clearly structured email with moods, in order to present your idea. Your email will include all your thoughts in short (style, styling, location).

This will be a good template for all your email. Then, you should look for good photographers nearby your location. Often it is enough to use Google and search for “Photographers Berlin”, “Photographers Munich” etc. You can also look on Instagram or in Facebook groups about modeling. Write a separate message to each photographer and try to put in an individual sentence about why you want to shoot with him/her. This makes the e-mail more personalised. You should also have a look at the portfolio of the photographer or the website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Why is this so important? Many of models just thing about themselves when looking for a photographer. No photographer will get back to a kind of automated email. But if you show that you took the time and looked at the work, and present a structured concept of the shoot, chances are good that you will get a positive reply from the photographer.

By using more strategies, you will get better photographers more easily, because they will see that you want to work with them.

Checklist for e-mails to photographers:

  1. short email with max. 100 words
  2. start with a personal introduction like “Dear Katharina…”
  3. describe your concept, styling, location
  4. explain why you choose him/her as photographer
  5. try to find moods in the internet, which will help the photographer to get an idea of what you want to do
  6. attach a maximum of 3 pictures of each theme
  7. send each photographer an individual email (no CC or BCC)

Facial expressions in the photoshoot

After a few photoshoots with good photographers, your chances of getting better will improve and your abilities will increase. Within the first test shoots or the first visit of the agency, you might be a bit insecure when they are taking snaps of your or when shooting with the photographer. Many of models are nervous and only think about posing! But they forget about their facial expressions. The body is moving, arms are swinging, hands in your face, shoulders in the air. The facial expression however stays the same. At the end, every picture will look the same. Maybe that will work with your first set, because it looks “cool”, but with the second set, it will be boring. That is why a lot of clients do castings for their commercials and campaigns. They will see live if the model is good and can convince them if she/he is more “boring.” We, as humans, always pay attention to the face first, at the first meeting or when looking at models on big billboards in the city. Facial expressions are everything!

Facial expressions tips

For good facial expressions, I spoke to the fashion photographer, Oliver Rudolph. His tips will help you as a new face for your first photoshoot to show that you are versatile. Again, moods will help you here. You will know what the shoot will be about. Collect some moods for each set for each photoshoot you will do (with regards to posing). You will be inspired with what you can do with your body and likewise inspired with your facial expressions. To make them vary, as a model, you can practise your posing in front of a mirror, like actors or presenters do. But before posing, there are the facial expressions! Once you have these moods you can always get back to them and look at them and get even more. During test shoots and jobs, you will have outfit changes, sometimes even location changes. If you now have a plan in your head of how everything will go, and what the photographer expects from you within these looks as posing and facial expressions, the pictures will turn out better, more versatile, and stronger. For your first shoots, always look at moods and practise different emotions, angles, and facial expressions, which you will use during the real photoshoot.

Checklist for different facial expression:

  1. Put your head down, looking on the ground and then up and focus on the camera. Play with your lips.
  2. Like number 1, but one glance from left to right and camera.
  3. You can close your eyes and “feel”.
  4. Imagine you are kissing your friend, or eating the best pizza you ever had. You are standing on a mountain and breathing in fresh air. The “felt” emotions will help you!
  5. And know you can look “sweet“, or even “fragile“.
  6. The contrast to the usual, edgy, hard fashion expressions of many models in their first photoshoots.
  7. Sweet view and smile.
  8. But don’t forget: move your body and use a mix of different poses and expressions. You can always broaden your expression portfolio by training in front of the mirror.

Invest in good photographers

One day you will be perfect in hundreds of different expresions. Maybe after you have had ten or fifteen tests or jobs. And your expectations regarding test shoots and jobs will also increase. You earned your first money and can now choose, whether to spend the money or to invest it. If you earned your first money as model, you might want to think about investing your money into good photographers. Top photographers don’t do tests, like many top models. Therefore, models should invest at a certain stage in their career into better, newer pictures, polaroids and videos. You should always do this step first if you have already earned money as a model. The basis for new faces are great snaps. That’s it. With great polaroids you will make it into a great modeling agency and get good photographers and clients to work with you, and will be sent to castings in United States or worldwide.

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / Cocaine Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’

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