Hermès: Documentary & Collections

Hermès – the iconic fashion label which was ones popular for their saddles and extravagant bags . Throughout the years Hermès has expanded their collections and also designs clothing for men and women. This luxury brand provide men with breath taking fragances, suits and cliffs. This Label stands out in the market with their elegant and soothing pieces. Their commercials are embodied with style and creativity.

The Hermès Story

Todays world famous luxury for fashion clothing and bags started as a workshop for leather pieces in Paris. The brand developed very fast and started to sell travelling pieces for high class people. Hermès is now well known for women and men couture fashion collections.

Hermès’ extraordinary saddle making

A quick video about the Laurent Goblet’s workshop. Goblet’s is a saddle maker at Hermès for forty years. In this Video he is showing the process of making Hermès world popular handmade saddles for horses. Goblet is very detailed and passionate about the production of Hermès masterpieces.

Hermès Summit Silk Commercial: black silk suits & ties

Men in suits, ties and scarves performing on the ski slope. With this performance Hermès male models present the design pieces by with dances on skis. Black silks suits and white shirts sking down in white snow- magical.

Women’s Spring-Summer 2021 runway show: soft fabrics & spring colours

The Spring-Summer Collection is marked with soft fabrics and spring colours for women. Hermès runway was brightened with colours like beige, red and black. Jumpsuits, skirts and summer coates for colder days were also not missing. Hermès covered all essential pieces for summer and springs outfits

Hermès Perfume new fragrance for men: warm, sensual & metallic

The first perfume embodies the man of this time. This is the first major fragence for men in years. Christine Nagel describes the smell as warm, sensual and metallic – just as the modern man of today

Interview with Gullaume De Seyne: Inside Hermès

A family member of Hermès explains the brands significance. In this Video Gullaume De Seyne, Executive Vice President of Hermès goes into the details of the brands fabrics. He emphasizes on Hermès Quality and Integrity, which has not change throughout the years.