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With this app you can easily prepare for your first model castings, small talk with models, designers, photographers and more.

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You’ll have access to frequently asked questions and tips for answering them, as well as guidance on how to present yourself and your portfolio in the best possible light. Our app will help you feel confident and prepared for any casting, no matter how challenging or intimidating it may seem.


Model angencies doesn’t need much, but natural photos, so called “polaroids”. No styling, no make up, only you with portrait, half body and full body. Our app helps you to take the perfect pictures for your application.


If you are in the industry, you maybe work for big fashion shows in major cities. Maybe, you will get interviewed. The interview Q&As will train you to be prepared for common questions on media, events and red carpets.


With our easy-to-use interface, you can quickly access resources and training to improve your small talk skills. Our app offers a range of conversation starters and tips for engaging in meaningful conversations with models, designers, photographers, and other industry professionals. You’ll learn how to make a great first impression, build rapport, and network like a pro.