Episode 12.2: Berlin Fashion Week – castings, preparations & runway shows

Discover the vibrant and dynamic world of Berlin Fashion Week, an event that showcases the collections of both established designers and young talents, drawing fashion enthusiasts from all corners of Germany. Immerse yourself in the excitement of model castings, fittings, and exhilarating runway shows, where each model’s brief fifteen seconds on stage become a moment […]

Episode 12.1: All about the different Fashion Weeks – from New York to Millan!

From the glamorous runways of New York City to the stylish streets of Paris, and the vibrant fashion scene of London, our journey through the world’s most renowned Fashion Weeks provides an exclusive glimpse into the realm of haute couture and trendsetting designers. It all culminates in the high-energy fashion hotspot of Milan. We will […]

Episode 11.2: Prêt-à-porter & Haute Couture Fashion

Prêt-à-porter & Haute Couture – This podcast episode takes you on a fascinating exploration of the world of Prêt-à-porter, also known as Ready-to-Wear fashion, from its historical origins to its prominent position in the fashion industry today. We also offer a glimpse into the exclusive realm of Haute Couture. Join us as we delve into […]

Episode 11.1: All you need to know about fashion shows and designers

Let’s explore the glitz, glamour, and careful planning that lies behind a fashion show! Together, we’ll delve into the giants of the fashion industry and the presentation of the new, from the evolution of clothing to the choreography and organization of the runway. This will give you an exciting glimpse into the world of fashion! […]

Episode 10: Being an international model, placement & on stay

Explore everything about international modeling! From the highest fees in global fashion capitals to the experiences of models traveling to cities like Paris, Milan, and Seoul, join us in uncovering the incredible opportunities that await aspiring successful international models. Listen for free! Check out the Model Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and other platforms […]

Episode 9.2: Secret to a healthy lifestyle as a model

Explore the secrets to living a healthy lifestyle encompassing nutrition and fitness. Join us on a journey into proper nutrition, where we debunk dieting myths and uncover the key to maintaining a healthy body and mind in the long run! Listen for free! The Model Podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and everywhere you can […]

Episode 9.1: Beauty Ideals and how they are changing in the model industry

Beauty Ideals – In this episode of the Modelbook, we talk about beauty ideals, examining their evolution within the fashion industry. From the conventional beauty standards embodied by renowned models such as Cara Delevingne to the growing demand for individuality and diversity, we explore the dynamic landscape of beauty norms. Join us as we explore […]

Episode 8.2: The importance of self marketing as a model

Self Marketing – Welcome to our podcast episode focusing on self-promotion for models. We delve into the significance of conscious image-building, self-confidence, and maintaining a strong social media presence in shaping your modeling career. We also explore why being an influencer has become a crucial aspect in the highly competitive modeling industry. Listen for free! […]

Episode 8.1: The media – building up and maintaining a professional image

The media – In this episode, we will have a look into the captivating yet perilous realm of the “Yellow Press” and its impact on a model’s career. We explore the allure of TV shows, boulevard media, and casting shows, while highlighting the importance of professionalism and protecting one’s reputation to thrive in the high-end […]

Episode 7.4: The potential of campaigns & the impact of exclusive contracts

Enter the captivating world of modeling as we delve into advertisement spots, campaigns, and exclusive contracts, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the high-stakes and glamorous opportunities that can shape a model’s career. Listen for free! The Model Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, and all other platforms where you can find great podcasts. […]