Hello Emilie! Reputable and big modeling agencies do not want to have any money from you. Good agencies want to earn money with (!) you! They invest in you, your career and in your modeling portfolio with photographers’ test shootings from their network. First, you should always check the seriousness of the modeling agency, etc. on the website. Here you can see which models the agency represents or how professional they are. But you can also take a look in the blog to see some of their customers or which jobs they currently made. As a result, you can look at a few criteria at least, that show whether the agency works well – or not Of course you can also see a lot directly on Instagram. Sure, you can buy likes, but you can see if many people are interacting with the pictures or videos – or not.

A reputable agency always invites you a for an interview, so they can see you live and take your measurements and they get to know you personality. So before you commit to an agency, be sure that they have a GOOD CONTRACT, read it, so you know what you’re getting into. I hope I could help you a bit and wish you a lot of success on your way to become a model Emilie!