Good evening! In principle, it pays off in any case if you already start modeling at an agency at the age of 14. Why is easy, in addition to the school and the many homework that you have or the exams, there is little time left. But you can invest this time to prepare yourself as a model. Because before you can work well as a model, you need of course photo shoots with photographers. Of course, you will start working with smaller photographers or photographers who are still at the beginning of their careers. But if you are in an established modeling agency status, you can of course build up much faster. It is not necessarily about earning a lot of money right at the beginning, but first gaining experience.

As I said, it does not depend on the money! As a student, you have relatively little time and therefore can not do many jobs. Because many jobs require you to travel. Of course, travel is always associated with additional time. So a one-day shooting with trip, can take three days directly. If you miss school for 3 days several times a month, you will not be able to keep up with the material. That’s why at the age of 14 you should definitely focus on school! But you can already take the first step into an agency, just apply and send some pictures of yourself. It’s easy.

Explained here briefly, I present in daylight in front of a white wall or against a flat background, so that nothing distracts from you. Take a black jeans and a white shirt or a top. If you want to model as a woman, you should also wear high heels. Then you ask a friend or your parents to quickly take two or three photos with their cell phones. Look at the camera head-on and make a portrait. For the second photo, your friend or parent goes back a bit and takes a full body photo of you. These two pictures you send to model agencies with a short text that you would like to advertise. In addition you still send:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your full name
  • Your current place of residence
  • In the attachment of the e-mail you put your photos

Of course you can also be scouted on Instagram today! Here’s a list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram in America from Los Angeles to New York: Instagram hashtags for models.