Good morning and thank you for your question! Instagram and social media is really important for models today, especially when it comes to younger models. If you still have 10,000 fans and they see a photo of a shoot or even a photo of a campaign, then it is of course a huge advantage for the fashion brand. What is an advantage for the fashion brand, may then be an advantage for you! But let’s just take your question apart, in principle yes, Instagram is also worth at 35 years. Why? The users on Instagram are getting older, while in the past, especially the younger people from 14 up to 18 years were traveling here, today are many at the age of 30 and 35 on Instagram. They also like to get inspiration for their everydaylife or want to follow their stars, no matter if they are musicians, actors or even models. But building up a successful Instagram channel is another job.

How can you build yourself a successful Instagram channel? Above all, it is important that you post regularly. As a model you already have the advantages that you regularly get new photos. Beside, you also know photographers with whom you can take new photos. You also have an eye for aesthetics because you have to deal with it regulary. These are the three real benefits that you can use as a model to build up your Instagram reach. What always works is sexappeal. Whether as a man or as a woman, everybody who shows a bit skin, usually wins faster followers. In addition, you should post regularly, at least once a day in your timeline and of course a few stories. What have you done this morning, where was your lunch today, how was your shoot or where are you going out tonight? Because these are questions and answers that followers are interested in. If you deliver regularly content, your followers will get used to retrieving content from you. Like good series on Netflix.

The last tip I can give you spontaneously is patience! Just as you build your career step by step as a model, you build up your Instagram channel step by step, improving yourself every day. If you stay with it long enough, be diligent, show commitment, you will bring it to a good reach.
I hope our tips could help a bit and that you will soon start with Instagram! Good luck and if you have any questions, write us!