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    Hello dear Model Agency One Team. You hear everywhere that you have to be pretty tall as a model, unfortunately I’m only 165cm tall, can I become a model or am I too small? Other models like Kate Moss have made it though they do not have the ideal size and minimum size! I would very much appreciate an honest answer from you!


    Hey hey 🙂 basically, there is a minimum size of 174 or 175 cm for women, in America about 9’8 ” for the international model market. Of course, depending on the city, the measurements are a bit stricter and more accurate. In Paris, London, New York or Milan, you need loosely 177 or 178 cm, in America 9’9.5 ” and a dress size of 34 to a maximum of 36 / American 4 or 4/6. Your hips should not be greater than 90 cm and ideally he 88 cm. With these measurements, you have the biggest chance of earning your money as a model so that you can live off the job and not just do it part-time. The second part is a strong mind. You have to work for your dream.

    If you have the perfect measurements, it is easier to fullfil your dream. But it is possible reach your dreams, even if your are smaller. But you maybe have to look for a different kind of modeling agencies. Maybe you hearded about “People Agencies”. They work for advertising and commercial clients as well. The only difference is, modeling agencies are working for high fashion brands as well. But, if you just like to participate on a model life, you should search for “People Agencies” near to you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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