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We started ” Model Agency One ” 2017 with the purpose of a free list for young models. Each list only contains hand picked and approved modeling agencies. This helps young people to find agencies, which help their career. All agencies are approved by international bookers of several agencies we met. This keeps the lists clean and you will get only best recommendations. We extented our lists! You will not just find major fashion capitals like New York, Paris, Milan or London, but also more than 100+ other cities, nearby.

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Becoming a model in a major fashion capital like New York, Paris, Milan, or London can be an exciting and challenging career path. Here are some things you should consider and care about:


A reputable modeling agency can help you navigate the industry and connect you with top clients. Research agencies carefully, and choose one with a good reputation and a strong track record of placing models with major clients.

Height and body type

In most major fashion markets, height and body type are important factors. Female models are typically between 5’8″ and 6’0″ tall with a slender, toned physique. Male models are typically between 5’11” and 6’3″ tall with a fit, athletic build.


Modeling careers often begin in the teenage years and can last into the late 20s or early 30s. However, there are exceptions, and some models can work well into their 30s and beyond.


As a model, you are expected to be professional at all times. This means being punctual, reliable, and respectful to everyone you work with, including photographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, and other models.


Having a strong portfolio is essential to getting signed by a reputable agency. Your portfolio should showcase your versatility and ability to pose in different outfits and styles.

Personality and charisma

Having a unique personality and the ability to connect with people can help set you apart from other models. Clients are looking for models who can bring something special to their brand and make a lasting impression.

Health and wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for models, as they are expected to have flawless skin, hair, and teeth. Models should eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and get plenty of rest.


The modeling industry can be highly competitive and demanding, and rejection is common. It’s important to be resilient and stay motivated, even when facing setbacks.