This is how it works: We have 5 lists. The first combines all details like social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) as a total package price. If your clients like to have on one network, you can take a look at the seperate social media buyouts. The download is 100% free:

Download – Media Buyout List

Single Buyouts (PDF)

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  1. Buyout list: Total Packages – for print, video (and TV), fair, online and social
  2. Buyout list: Print
  3. Buyout list: Video & TV
  4. Buyout list: Trade Fairs
  5. Buyout list: Online & Ads
  6. Buyout list: Social Media

Example: Calculation

You always calculate for 1 year duration.

Step 1 – All media (social) or specific media (Instagram)

First of all, check which list do you need:

  • Full media list (print, tv, social, etc., like social media -> all networks)
  • Specific list (like social media -> single networks)

Step 2 – Calculation (dayrate + buyout)

The model gets a dayrate, let’s say 1.000 $.

Client wants to use the produced media for 1 year social media on a channel with German audience.

  • 1 year
  • all social media
  • German audience (language, follower)

You check the list:

Buyout total package (1) -> Germany -> Social Media -> 77,3%

  • Buyout is 773 $ in addition to dayrate