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Top model agencies in Chengdu, the reliable partner for expressive photos: Agencies provide multi-faceted models for photo campaigns, photo shootings and advertising films. Model agencies attach importance to ambition and punctuality. Together with you, we achieve prestigious, high-quality results, which convince your agency. The country needs new ideas. Models adapt to different situations. The required maximum lead is only available if the model can feel comfortable and develop in her job through well-organized project management. Product, location, model: Everything must be accurate so that you can achieve your desired result for your project! From the catwalk on a fashion show to fashion shoots for international fashion chains to the advertising film. Flexible solutions are standard for you. If you want to become a model in Chengdu, we would recommend checking agencies in other Chinese cities too.

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Amazing view over Chengdu

Fable Models

Fable Models is the first and the biggest model agency in the southwest of China. They started to be a mother agency in 2015. Fable Models especially works with clients in Hong Kong and Singapore.

  • Fable Models
  • Room1205-1207,Building 3,No.69,Qinyunnan Street,Chengdu,610051,China RoomL2-2,Building 31,No.1,Elingzheng Str, Chengdu, 610000China
  • 0 (86) 28 86701455

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