Shanghai Model Agency: The Best 6 Agencies For Models

Shanghai Model Agency – Here you have all modeling agencies in Shanghai (Asia) ranked in a list! Top Agencies for Models in Shanghai, which guarantees reliable partners for perfect photo-productions – agencies get convertible talents foradvertising film, photo campaigns, photo shootings and shops. Model agencies attach importance to punctuality, ambition and motivation in all jobs. In their way, agencies together with you achieve high-quality shooting results, which convince your agency.

Become a model for Fashion Weeks, Shootings and Media campaigns

Find your agency! These modeling agencies guarantee high-quality media. From commercials to work in Los Angeles, New York and many more. From shooting for Europe-wide fashion houses to multinational media campaigns and commercials. However, their peak line is available only from the model with first-class management. Details must not be neglected. Every single part must be accurate so that you as a company achieve the result that you want! Flexibility is one of its strengths. You can motivate teams to get the most out of each project. Models, also new faces adapt to different challenges. We’ve looked at the best modeling agencies in Shanghai. If you like to become a model in Shanghai, you should also check model agencies in Bangkok (Asia).

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Shanghai Map

Here you see the big city Shanghai by night:

Esee Models

Esee Models is one of the leading agencies here in Shanghai. If you take a closer look at their website and portfolio, you will find a lot of cover artworks, jobs and models, coming from everywhere around the globe.

Elite Models Asia

FMI Model

This agency is represented all over Asia like Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taiwan.

Rage Models

They do a lot of fashion shows in Shanghai but shootings as well.

Synergy Model Management

Synergy Model Management is based in Shanghai, the economic center of China. They have very famous clients and they do a lot of print publications in international magazines as well. Such as Vogue, Marie Claire, V Magazine and Harpers Bazaar.

Halo Models

Based in Shanghai and Taipai (Taiwan), Halo Models provides national and international models for clients and agencies around the globe.

  • Halo Models Website
  • 4F, No.2500, Zhenbei Road, Shanghai
  • +86-21-32568236

Style International Management

Based in Beijing and Hong Kong, this agency is focusing on international and local models.

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