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Become A Model – Are you interested in pursuing a career in modeling? The modeling industry can offer incredible opportunities, especially for young talents. However, it also comes with challenges and uncertainties. In this guide, we’ll explore the world of modeling, covering topics like reputable agencies, the application process, agency types, and how to make informed choices. Join us on this journey as we provide valuable insights to help you kickstart or enhance your modeling career. Learn everything about good & bad model agencies. Let’s start with the #1 step of “Become a model”. Learn, free, online! Back to overview: Become A Model.

Tips by Stephan M. Czaja, CM Models. Author of The Model Book. Listen for free Model Podcast!

Find a Model Agency: What’s important to know? 🤔

What is important when you are looking for an agency?

The Role of Modeling Agencies

Models have the option to work independently or with the support of a modeling agency. While it’s possible to go solo, having a contract with a reputable agency is highly advisable. Here’s why:

Quality Job Opportunities

Firstly, an agency ensures you secure quality jobs – and by “quality,” I mean the kind that can significantly advance your career. They have the connections and industry know-how to make this happen.

Protection and Guidance

Additionally, a modeling agency plays a crucial role in safeguarding your interests. They’ll ensure you only work with reputable clients, particularly when considering international gigs. Furthermore, they protect you from potential issues like underpayment or contractual disputes.

Support and Improvement

Moreover, your modeling agency acts as your partner in your journey to success. They offer support and guidance, helping you identify areas where you can improve. They provide access to an exclusive network of industry contacts, casting opportunities, and job placements.

Balancing Education and Modeling

Starting your modeling career early is ideal, but education should remain a top priority. Balancing school and modeling during your formative years can set you on the right path.

Finding the Right Modeling Agency

So, how do you go about finding the perfect agency? The modeling world boasts a wide array of agencies, varying in size, reputation, and specialization. To start your search, the internet is your best friend. It’s convenient and accessible, especially if you’re based near a major city.

Google that way:

  1. Modeling agency and add…. New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Shanghai, etc.
  2. Note > smaller towns are usually not worth it
  3. At the end of the book you will find further recommendations!

Check and compare:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

The best way to find a good model agency near you?

Leveraging Big City Opportunities

Remember, larger cities offer more modeling opportunities. Big advertising agencies and companies often reside in these urban hubs, presenting a wealth of modeling prospects. To begin your search, try queries like “Modeling agency in New York,” “Paris modeling agencies,” or similar terms for cities of interest.

Vetting Reputable Agencies

While online research is essential, it’s equally important to vet potential agencies carefully. How can you determine if an agency is reputable? One approach is to consult online lists that catalog modeling agencies and regularly update their rankings. Prominent sources like the Vogue list or the Lukinski list can be quite insightful.

Personal Evaluation

However, don’t rely solely on these lists. In addition, consider seeking out experienced bookers and agents who have valuable industry connections. Regardless of your approach, as a dedicated model, it’s essential to personally evaluate agencies before submitting your application. This hands-on approach ensures you align yourself with an agency that best suits your aspirations and ambitions.

Further Recommendations

Stay tuned for further recommendations at the end of this guide, where we’ll delve deeper into your modeling journey.

How to ACTUALLY become a model in 2024? Advices

Just a tip, enjoy this wonderful video by Noelle Martinez from Wilhelmina Models.

How to Find a Good Model Agency? 😍

First, let’s see the quick checklist:

Check Explanation
Agency’s Online Presence Reputable agencies maintain a clean website and active social media presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
Online Reviews Check online reviews from models and clients to form your own impression, as reviews can vary in accuracy and bias.
Model Roster Quality Evaluate the agency’s model roster by looking for perfect measurements, unique looks, and high-quality images.
Reliable Clients Investigate the agency’s clients and campaigns through their model board, blog, and social media channels.

Agency website, Instagram, TikTok – Check #1

A reputable agency has a reputable website. A simple and clean design with high quality images and board, and information about the team. Just one more thing: there are agents that have great networks but not an own website or agency.

Online Reviews – Check #2

Dig through the Internet for reviews of other models or clients about the agency in order to get a better impression of the agency (you should read sufficient review and assessments of the agency). Note: consider these assessments as notes but get yourself an own impression. Not every review is the truth and some just cannot stand being rejected and leave bad reviews.

Amount and Level of Models – Check #3

Look at the model board of an agency and take your time, compare it with other agencies, to evaluate the quality of clients and jobs. These criteria will help: do the models have perfect measurements and an edgy face? Are the images of high quality? Once you have looked at several agency homepages you will soon see the difference between smaller and bigger ones and the respective high quality, exclusive model boards and usual ones. Just ask yourself the question: “do I fit in there?” And then you will find out, which agency is for the high fashion market and which one more for the commercial market.

Reliable Clients – Check #4

You will find good information via the model board. Do you know the campaigns or clients? A quick look into the blog or directly on clients site of the agency or social media channel will also help.

How to Find a Bad Model Agency? 😠

Dubious agencies: Be careful!

Here are some more aspects you should consider when you are looking for an agency for the first time. You can basically always rely on: does the agency work with big clients and international models? If the answer is yes, it is a good agency. And what you can also consider, I summed up for you in the following:

Check Explanation
Agency’s Online Presence Reputable agencies maintain a clean website and active social media presence on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
Online Reviews Check online reviews from models and clients to form your own impression, as reviews can vary in accuracy and bias.
Model Roster Quality Evaluate the agency’s model roster by looking for perfect measurements, unique looks, and high-quality images.
Reliable Clients Investigate the agency’s clients and campaigns through their model board, blog, and social media channels.

Good agencies don’t charge expenses – Check #1

Reputable agencies will never ask you to pay a fee in order to be represented or whatsoever. If an agency tells you to pay money you should leave that one.

No webpage or devious webpage – Check #2

At first glance you won’t find information about the team, address or registered office of the agency, as well as contact details like the telephone number. In short, if you cannot find out where the agency is located and who works for the agency, it is not reputable. No agency is working with Instagram only.

By the way Instagram: Be careful if you get Instagram DMs by random people on Instagram called themself “Scouts” for big agencies, they are not! We get messages everyday by young people who got scammed on Instagram. Sometimes they paid $2.000, $3.000 to a scammer.

Again: Good model agencies don’t charge expenses!

Too many models – Check #3

A lot of webpages will offer you to work without an agency. Clients will consider quality. If you are listed within an online platform with thousands of semi-professional models, your market value will decrease.

No requirements – Check #4

Just being taken into an agency without requirements or meeting. Renowned agencies will always want to meet you. There are official castings or meetings via Skype.

No work with reputable clients – Check #5

If there is no proof of work with clients, there will be none. So pay attention if the agency is actually active and offers you something.

Application: Now it’s up to you!

In some agencies you can apply via form on the website, others prefer emails. Before we look into how to search for agencies we will have a quick look at a template that you can use for all applications via email. You already have your first set of polaroids and your measurements. Now you can write all these details and save them. Send them along with your measurements and pictures. For new faces, polaroids are enough.

Checklist for your model application

Here is a checklist for your application:

  1. Name, surname
  2. Address
  3. Email
  4. Phone number
  5. Height
  6. Bust, waist, hips
  7. Clothing size
  8. Shoe size
  9. Hair colour
  10. Eye colour

Things that could get you a modeling contract!

Now you have everything – measurements, polaroids, application and a list of great agencies. The uniqueness like beautiful eyes or lips, simple edgy marks like a tooth gap or mole, long not coloured hair and your charisma. And self-confidence and positivity. If you meet the requirements of the agency and bookers like you, they will invite you to a meeting into the agency. But wait – what kinds of agencies are there?

Modeling Agencies: Just a Bonus

Modeling agencies serve as the primary channel for models to secure work. These agencies are typically run by owners and staff who connect models with job opportunities. Their services include job bookings, career management, travel planning, and networking.

There are various types of modeling agencies:

Mother Agencies & Management

Mother agencies focus on placing models with international agencies. They may solely handle model placements or also have their own clients. They play a crucial role in coordinating international opportunities and offer a comprehensive package for models.

Boutique Agencies: “Small Model Agency”

Boutique agencies, often found in major cities, cater exclusively to local clients. They maintain strong connections within their respective cities and may also act as mother agencies.

Single Bookers / Mother Agents: “Single Model Agency”

Independent bookers work outside traditional agencies. They rely on their established networks and experience, often having worked for larger agencies previously. They represent a select number of models and may scout talent in various settings. They usually do not do castings and jobs but bring you the right photographers and bigger agencies like London, Paris, New York.

Model Platforms: Don’t do this!

These online platforms allow models to register without fees. While they promise direct client access, they don’t provide essential services like portfolio development, guidance, or networking. Be cautious when considering these platforms.

They earn money by thousands of models, getting listed. Not by jobs.

That’s it!

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Step #2 – Visit a Model Agency

What do you need to know for your first model agency visit? Learn more, included introduction videos for models.

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