Options: Maybe your next job | Become a model #8

You give an option to your modeling agency for a job, but what is an option? If you are working as a self-employed model, you have to plan everything in detail and keep track of the dates because you are giving options. Before giving an option, the agency will ask if you are available. That is the first and not binding enquiry of your agency in order to find out, if you are available on a certain date. All other information might not be set yet, like payment, buyouts etc. – and you don’t have to block that date yet.

An option however is a binding enquiry. It is a concrete enquiry of your agency. There is a certain enquiry or a confirmed job and the agency is asking for your first option. If you are giving them the “option“, you will be in the final selection and assuring them your availability. From this moment on, agency, client and production are counting on you. The option will only be released if your agency does so, or if it has been confirmed. After the first option, you may issue further ones for further enquiries, which means second and third option. The booker and client will then know if you might already have booked another job. Options and availability (not binding enquiries) will accompany daily you as a model. You will give options for the next months or weeks. All options should be documented and coordinated with your personal travel days and dates. Of course, you have to keep track of dates with friends and family as well as birthdays or holidays, because you cannot cancel a big production. An unjustified cancellation for a job as new face – you just cannot do that with a top agency. You might miss out on other jobs and the chance to travel!

Quest Author: Stephan M. Czaja / CM Models (Head Booker) from ‘The Model Book’