The Model Book – Become a model: Now available in USA, UK and worldwide!

The Model Book ist the #1 from Germany and now available in USA + UK and worldwide! The perfect book for young models, as you will see in the recommendations (below) by readers. You want to be a model? You have to learn a lot! The Model Book gives you a comprehensive insight and insider stories about: Jobs and castings from model agents. Getting into top modeling agencies in New York, Los Angeles, London or Paris and Milan is not easy. Now learn how to do it!

You want to be a model? Who wants to model has to learn a lot! The book gives you a comprehensive insight + insider.

  • Absolute insiders for jobs and castings from model agents
  • Model folder: Step by step to the perfect Modelbook
  • Shootings: Learn to convince photographers
  • Modeling abroad: You should know that beforehand!
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We have some recommendations of readers right under the cover, by lovely Lea Schiffmann.

Become a model: Step by step

Cover model: Lea Schiffmann / CM Models

Recommendations by readers

Here are some of the top ratings of the German version, which was released a year before. Now the book is available worldwide as e-book and print book.

Thorben (rated with 5 stars)

“Well, I’m basically excited about the book. It is not a patent recipe for success or says ‘This is how it has to be’, but it gives a good and clear overview of all important topics. It defines, in its opinion, all important “technical terms” from the industry, as well as procedures. How does a “Go-See” work, what should be in my model folder, Where is the difference between a parent agency and a boutique agency?

For the entry and the price absolute must-have for models, but also photographers who want to know more”.

Amazon customer (rated with 5 stars)

“Like the other book “Become a Model”, this one convinced me of the same quality. This one is written in a little more detail. Have you always wanted to be a model and have the perfect measurements right from the start? Then this book is just right for you! Here you’ll get a great guide to what you need to know, from the perfect appearance in the agencies, how you behave at casting and much more. Super access to the ascent :-)”

Amazon customer (rated with 5 stars)

“One day my dream is to be a big model who can run on the catwalks of this world and is photographed by big magazines. However, like many other girls, I probably did not know how I would achieve these goals and where the clues would lie. The author not only explains how to reach your goal, but also gives a realistic (!) insight into the world of models and agencies. I think this is very good, because many people see the model business as a land of milk and honey and lose themselves in it. In addition to this insight, tips on healthy eating are also addressed. It is always emphasized that you don’t have to starve yourself for the model job or only eat cucumbers etc., but you can also treat yourself to a little something to stay happy. The main thing is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. But I also found the selected beauty tips very helpful. From this book you can not only get an insight into the current fashion world, but also learn something about the general fashion and model history, which I find very interesting (and it increases the educational value of the book even more).

The book has also helped me in matters of self-confidence, charisma and enthusiasm of other people. From the tips and tricks you can cut off a thick slice of any area and integrate it into your everyday life. Although I had hoped for a few more pictures, Stephan Czaja does not only give great inspirations, but motivates and gives strength for the possible future career as a model. THANK YOU!”

Amazon customer (rated with 5 stars)

“In the beginning, I was sceptical about learning anything in this book. Since I often work with Newfaces as a photographer, I was looking for a book to help them get started in the world of modeling. Thanks to this book, models are perfectly prepared for what’s to come. The author really goes through all the details of model life here and packages the whole thing in a cool design. Also the single graphics and markings I have never seen before in a book, which gives the book its own design and as far as one would read through the notes of a typical booker.
From casting to Polaroids, there’s everything you need to know.”

Amazon customer (rated with 5 stars)

“The book is awesome!
Lots of useful information, tips from an insider of the industry and a great layout! The book opens the whole view on the world of the models to one. From the beginnings, like applications at agencies, poses at shootings and basic knowledge for models up to the professional model life everything is to be found what one must know. The best thing about it – it was written by the agency boss of a big model agency and if he doesn’t know how this world works, who else? I got the book as a birthday present from my mother and I really have to say that it helped me a lot. I read it completely in 2 days and just at the start of the new GNTM season it inspired me to try it out in the model world. I can recommend the book to anyone interested in the world of fashion, models and fashion!”

Our recommendation – we love it, too!

We love it!

CM – Agency of Lea (cover model)

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