Episode 10: Being an international model, placement & on stay

Explore everything about international modeling! From the highest fees in global fashion capitals to the experiences of models traveling to cities like Paris, Milan, and Seoul, join us in uncovering the incredible opportunities that await aspiring successful international models.

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Your learnings in this episode!

We invite you to explore the limitless opportunities that await you on the international modeling stage. Discover why working abroad should be your ultimate goal and how it can lead you to even more significant jobs and campaigns beyond your home market. We’ll take you on a journey to lesser-known fashion markets in Europe and Asia, where your unique look can have a significant impact.
Prerequisites for Success

To succeed as an international model, you must understand the essential prerequisites. Learn the significance of a strong model book and how measurements may differ across various markets. Delve into the sought-after types in different regions and find out which places best suit your look and charm. Whether you have a classic model appearance or possess a more unique look, the world is open to you, and we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

Unveiling the Potential Earnings

Have you ever wondered how much successful models can earn? Uncover the secrets of international modeling fees and commissions. From photo shoots to commercials, learn about the potential earnings in major markets like the USA, France, Italy, and more. Gain insights into the incredible success stories of young models and see how your journey could lead to great achievements in the fashion world.

Preparing for the Adventure

Ready to take on the world? Discover the two different forms of placement abroad: direct booking and on-stay. Explore the benefits of each option and understand how to prepare yourself for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. From conversations with international agencies to contracts and flight tickets, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to ensure a successful start in iconic cities like Paris, Milan, London, and beyond. Your journey to becoming an international model begins now!