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Modeling Jobs: Online shops and family shootings – As a new face in the modeling industry, your initial assignments will often revolve around online shops. Gone are the days of catalog modeling; now, it’s all about showcasing products for e-commerce. The internet’s rapid pace demands a constant stream of new images for every season and product launch. Learn, free, online! Back to overview: Become A Model.

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Quantity Over Perfection

For models like you, the focus isn’t solely on creating the perfect picture, as it is in high-fashion photoshoots. Instead, the emphasis is on quantity. Most of the time, you’ll work solo in front of the camera without other models to interact with. Your primary role is to model fashion, ranging from smaller labels to larger department stores. When new faces are booked, photographers and production teams understand that they can’t expect a wide variety of poses and expressions. Your job is to efficiently capture a set number of garments, accessories, and products, often repeating the same pose. In some cases, only a part of your body may be shown in the shots.

Continuous Learning as a New Face

While some new faces may believe they excel in facial expressions and posing, the reality is different. Professional models, as seen on platforms like YouTube, can effortlessly execute hundreds of poses and jumps. As a new face, there’s a lot to learn, and the pressure is on. The better your portfolio becomes, the more opportunities you’ll secure, and your assignments will grow in complexity. Lookbooks and online shop shoots may eventually require you to shoot alongside several models on a rotating platform, where you showcase clothes as it turns. This high-intensity job involves simultaneous photo and video shoots, making it more demanding than traditional “mannequin” modeling.

Interaction and Expectations

Even more demanding are assignments where you must not only model but also interact with others. In campaign shoots, the focus is often on capturing that one perfect shot. These productions can be exhausting, with scenes requiring hours of repetition. Everyone involved is waiting for the models to portray emotions and poses perfectly, all in a synchronized moment. Each shot demands precision, practice, and talent.

Family Shoots and Perfect Moments

Some productions, like family shoots, involve intricate storyboards and complex commercial scenarios. In these cases, models must interact with children and other models to achieve the desired emotion. A single picture can be shot for hours, with everyone waiting for that perfect moment when every element aligns flawlessly. The demands of these shoots are intense, requiring practice and skill to consistently deliver the desired results.

The Responsibility of a Model

Models play a crucial role in the success of photoshoots, especially those featured prominently on billboards. Even seemingly “small” productions involve extensive planning and coordination. This includes booking photographers, locations, equipment, catering, and more, all for the sake of capturing a single image.

The Pressure of the Moment

The success of a photoshoot hinges on the moment, and as a model, you bear a significant responsibility. Regardless of factors like jet lag, lack of sleep, or illness, you’re expected to deliver a perfect performance, as production cancellations are not an option. Experienced models who consistently perform well on set are highly valued for their ability to rise to the occasion.

Beauty Campaigns and Commercial Models

Beauty campaigns are another vital aspect of commercial modeling. These campaigns focus on skincare products for women, a vast market associated with flawless skin, beautiful hair, and a youthful appearance. With new products introduced every season, beauty commercials are produced regularly. Let’s delve deeper into the world of beauty models.

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