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In the world of modeling, your model book is your ultimate tool – printed or on tablet (most common). It’s your passport to casting calls, job opportunities, and agency visits. Not only is it essential for professional interactions, but it’s also a way to connect with fellow models who often exchange and review each other’s books. Your model book showcases your best work from previous jobs and test shoots, allowing clients and agencies to gauge your modeling prowess, including your range of facial expressions and poses. Learn, free, online! Back to overview: Become A Model.

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The Evolution of Model Portfolios

From Physical Books to Digital Tablets and Phones – While you may not frequently use your model book in everyday life, it becomes invaluable when you’re casting internationally or vying for significant modeling assignments. Many modeling agencies offered their models customized model books, complete with branding in the past.

Investing in Your Model Book

However, as a new model, you might need to invest in your first model book. In such cases, you should prioritize quality and consider additional features such as space for sedcards (model comp cards) and business cards. By doing so, you’ll be well-prepared for castings, equipped with everything you need in one place: your portfolio, sedcards, and agency’s business cards. Handing over your model book can significantly boost your chances of landing the job.

The Digital Evolution of Model Portfolios

It’s important to note that the way models present their portfolios has evolved over the years. In the 1990s and early 2000s, physical model books were the norm. However, with the advancement of technology, many models now use their tablets or smartphones to showcase their portfolios. This digital approach offers convenience and versatility, allowing models to quickly access and share their work, especially when time is of the essence or a tablet is not available.

Choosing the Right Model Book (Printed)

If your agency doesn’t provide you with a customized model book, you’ll need to select one yourself. Here are some essential criteria to consider:

  1. Quality
  2. Size
  3. Prints


Your model book should exude quality. The material should be well-maintained and clean. Given that many people will see your book, it’s crucial to ensure it looks impeccable. Check out these tips for model portfolios.


The international standard for model books is influenced by American requirements. The standard picture size is 9″x12″ inches (equivalent to DIN A4 size). This size ensures your pictures are adequately sized for viewers.


Consider where you should print your pictures. Commonly, pictures in your model book should be of a size similar to 20x30cm, which is the largest format for regular picture printers.

The Importance of Picture Quality

One aspect of creating an effective model book is the quality of the photographs. It’s a common concern among new models: How can you make sure clients will take a serious look at your book during castings? The key lies in showcasing your versatility as a model. The more diverse and high-quality your pictures are, the more appealing you become to clients. Your book should demonstrate your ability to adapt to various styles and settings, giving clients confidence in your suitability for their projects.

Picture Selection

To maximize your chances of success, position your best pictures at the beginning of your model book. This strategic move ensures that even in hectic casting environments, clients will immediately see your top work. You don’t need an entire book filled with pictures; quality always outweighs quantity. A few excellent pictures that showcase your range as a model are sufficient.

On tablets, it’s the same. Quality first! Best images first!

Test Shoots and Quality

Building a strong model book should never be rushed. Instead, prioritize working with exceptional photographers to capture high-quality images. Remember, clients seek excellence for their brands, so your book should reflect that commitment to quality.

For new faces, it’s acceptable to admit that you are still developing your portfolio during castings. Once you’re with an agency and have completed successful test shoots, you’ll start receiving requests via social media. This attention serves as a compliment and indicates that your career is progressing.

Selective Collaboration

As you gain experience, you’ll become more selective in choosing test shoots. Not every opportunity is beneficial for your book or career. Avoid overexposing yourself on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, as it can diminish your exclusivity and professional value. Aim to collaborate with handpicked photographers who will enhance your portfolio.

Model Book Checklist

A successful model book should include:

  • A high-quality book with a thick hardcover and extra space for printed sedcards (usually DIN A5 format).
  • Clear pages for displaying approximately forty pictures (front and back).
  • Business cards from your agency.
  • Best pictures positioned at the front of the book to make a strong initial impression.
  • Versatility demonstrated through a diverse selection of your top-quality pictures.
  • You can be transparent about your book being a work in progress as a new face.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to test shoots and collaborations with photographers, always prioritize quality over quantity. Be discerning in your choices to ensure that every addition to your book contributes to its overall excellence.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to create a standout model book, you can focus on impressing photographers for test shoots. Remember, it’s the quality and impact of your portfolio that will leave a lasting impression.

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