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Visit a model agency – Congratulations on taking the next step in your modeling journey, after the first Become a model! Securing an invitation to meet with a modeling agency is a significant achievement, and proper preparation is crucial. In this step, we’ll guide you through how to make a fantastic first impression during your visit. Whether you’re an experienced model or a new face, these tips will help you shine during your agency meeting. Learn, free, online! Back to overview: Become A Model.

Tips by Stephan M. Czaja, CM Models. Author of The Model Book. Listen for free Model Podcast!

Your First Visit to a Modeling Agency

Congratulations if you’ve received an invitation to meet with a modeling agency! This is a significant step, and preparation is key. Here’s how to make a great first impression:

As an Experienced Model

Bring a selection of versatile portfolio pictures and arrive on time. A good night’s sleep is essential to look your best. Maintain a clean and natural appearance.

You know what to do!

As a New Face

While you may not need pictures, dressing appropriately and punctuality are vital. A simple outfit and a smile can go a long way in making a positive impression. Modeling should be your priority, so demonstrate your commitment.

No matter if you are experienced or a new face: Alwayas remember to stay positive and enthusiastic; your attitude matters. However, do not pretend; always be natural. If you are shy, be shy.

Remember that a modeling agency values your commitment and motivation. Your readiness to attend castings and jobs is crucial. Lack of availability can lead to missed opportunities.

Model Docu: Casting at Wilhelmina Models

Casting at Wilhelmia Models in Denver.

The Gosee at an Agency and Casting Process

The typical gosee at an agency can vary in duration. Here’s what you need to know:

Arrival at the Model Agency: Be on Time!

Being punctual is vital in the modeling industry. Arrive on time, neither too early nor too late. Bigger agencies follow set procedures, and early arrival can disrupt their schedules.

Procedure of the Catsing

During the introduction, you’ll have the opportunity to present yourself, discuss your motivations, and showcase any unique talents. If you have a model book, the booker will review it and provide feedback. Be honest and genuine, as the agent may become your primary contact in the agency.

Short Catwalk

Be prepared to demonstrate your walk. While every model has a unique style, there are essential elements to master, such as walking to the rhythm of the music and maintaining a confident posture.

Introduction Video

The introduction video is a crucial aspect of the casting process. Here’s what it typically includes:

  1. Introduction: Keep it brief and include your name, age, and height
  2. Portrait: The video will capture your face from different angles: straight, left profile, right profile
  3. Full Body: Similar to portraits, but you’ll also turn to show your backside
  4. Walk: Your walk will be recorded, showcasing your ability to convey various emotions. Pose naturally but not like a photoshoot

This is How an Introduction Video looks like

Being Accepted by an Agency

Once you’ve completed the agency’s casting process, you may need to wait for their decision. Some models receive options and contracts immediately, while others are discussed within the team. Remember, patience is key. If you haven’t heard back in a couple of weeks, consider reaching out for feedback.

Checklist: Preparation before the Visit

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Portfolio pictures
  • Punctuality

Checklist: Appearance

  • Be humble and patient
  • Understand the difference between a gosee and a casting
  • Master the walk and posing
  • Be prepared for polaroids and walk videos

Your journey as a model has just begun. Finding the right modeling agency is the first step towards a successful career. To thrive in this competitive industry, focus on building a strong portfolio for castings and clients. For more insights on creating the perfect model book, read our article on how to craft a strong model book.

By Stephan M. Czaja, Head Booker at CM Models from ‘The Model Book’

Step #3 – Your Model Book

The good old model book, a real must-have as a model. At castings, jobs and visiting agencies your book is your support. Even if you meet other models, you will always exchange your books and have a look at them.

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