Brusseles: The Top 3 Model Agencies in Belgium’s Capital

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. And has a lot to offer. if you want to become a model in Brussels, of course, you have to have the right requirements like in every other market. Agencies attach great importance to punctuality, ambition, and motivation. Model, product, and location! Every single part of the shoot should be accurate so that you can be sure that you and your team will achieve your desired campaign results with them! Models can adapt flexibly to different challenges. Only those who are really comfortable in the job can get their performance in every planned shoot and even more creative ideas. Flexibility is standard. Models motivate teams and photographers to get the best out of them with every project.

Do you like to become a model in Brussels? Maybe you also like to take a look at these cities nearby like Milan (Italy).


Map Milan

Flag Models

Flag Models was created in 2005 and now represents around 500 Models. Most of them are living in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. Since the end of 2016, they also represent kids, teenagers, Make-up Artists, Athletes, and Actors.

Dominique Models Agency

At Dominique Models everyone can find their place, be it models, talents, actors or even make-up & hair artists. They are one of the best known model agencies in Belgium and further the career of many great models.


IMM, International Model Management works with national and international models, in and outside Brussel. They got a huge roaster of different models.