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CLICK Model Management takes care of the world’s most famous faces, such as Isabella Rossellini, Uma Thurman, Whitney Houston, Talisa Soto, Elle MacPherson, Gail O’Neill and Grace Jones. CLICK works with Flick East West Talents, which is one of the most successful television commercial agency representing hundreds of actors and actresses as well as many of CLICKs models for television commercial work.

History of Click Models

Click Model Management, initially known as Eskimo, began in the mid-’90s in Iceland. By 1998, it expanded its scouting efforts to Siberia, Russia, with a focus on selective yet swift talent development. In 2001, it extended operations to Slovakia and Brazil, later investing in Bohemia Model Management in Prague. This move facilitated its presence in several European countries and parts of Brazil, aiming to identify, nurture, and manage modeling talent. The agency emphasizes placing models globally based on specific criteria like performance and financial stability. It aims to foster fair competition, maintaining high standards while occasionally employing humor in interactions. Click Model Management prioritizes creating an exciting, supportive environment for its talents, emphasizing comprehensive training and lifelong support throughout their careers. The agency’s success is built on well-trained models, serving clients effectively, and preserving its reputation across multiple countries with consistency and honesty.

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Click Models New York

  • 129 West 27th Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10001, United States
  • +1 (323) 658-8382

Review: Click Models

Many say this agency grants its models access to exclusive clients and prestigious projects – that’s undoubtedly accurate!

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