The model booker in a model agency

The Booker in a modeling agency provides the communication link between the model and the client. He/she ensures the smooth running of the contract and is the direct contact person for the model. The main task of a model booker is to create and maintain contact with the client. He/she stands as a direct contact person for inquiries regarding availability of models and knows the faces of the Model database. He/she suggest appropriate models for the campaign and is responsible for the entire course of the booking. With an understanding of the needs and requirements of the customers he/she is daily on the search for the perfect suggestions for bookings.

If a model booked a job and cannot be there, the Booker takes care of a replacement model. Similarly, the Booker is always in search of jobs that can be given to the models through the agency. Attracting new customers strengthens the entire Agency. At the same time he/she takes care of the negotiations of the buyout. He/she forwards accounts of bookings to the accounting department. For the model he/she arranges information, context and travel dates. The booker ensures that the booking runs seamlessly and nothing stands in its way.