Close-up in model photography and art work

A close-up is a close up shot of the face. The close-up is intended to represent the features of the model very closely.
There are several variants of close-up photography.

  • Classic Close-Up

The classic close-up (= Close) area of the head and a maximum of one portion of the shoulder portion. The facial expressions of the model are at the center of the image. Such classic closeups are used, when the developed emotions of the model should be in the foreground.

  • Head and Shoulder Close-Up

In the ” head and shoulder” close-up the figure of the Models is shown from head to the middle part of the upper body. The facial expressions and gestures should be in the foreground in these images. In such a photo – setting, the client can sede where the model is looking.

  • Extreme Close-Up

The ” extreme ” Close- Up is directed only to certain parts and details of the face. For example, only the mouth or the eyes of the model are in the limelight. The consumer or viewer will focus his entire attention to this area of the image. A certain intimacy is created in this image between the model and the viewer of the image though detailed depiction of the model.