Exclusive contract for models

There are two types of contracts that a model can indent: First, with a modeling agency. And second, with a client.

When a model agrees to an exclusive contract with a client, it’s usually about a huge job where there’s a lot at stake for the client. The model therefore agrees not to enter into a contract with any other companies. In return, the model becomes a brand representative of the client’s company and often gets a high salary since their face can be used for brand advertising, brand recognition, brand perception and so on. Hence it is important that the model does not work with other competetetive companies, and to assure this exclusive contracts are prefered by the client. The model’s agency is often also pro exlcusive contract because the exclusivity goes both ways, and the client is not allowed to use the model’s face outside of campaigns for different agencies or jobs which would affect the model’s market value hugely negatively.

Of course, a modeling agency in the end is a company as well, and for that reason the same interest in exclusivity as described above applies to many good modeling agencies. For the model an exclusive contract is a good way of establishing their modeling career and achieving their goal of being successful and asked for on the market. An exclusive contract with a model agency means that the agency wants to work longterm with the model, that the booker can create a better and more exact career plan for the model, and place the model with particularly promising jobs. In general, the model agency is more likely to invest in, be it professional coachings, photo shoots for buildup of their look book, trips, or catwalk training – an exclusive contract with a prestigious modeling agency is the door opener to a successful career where everything is taken care of by the agency so that the model can focus on work exclusively.

If you are a model yourself and consider contracting with a model agency it is of utmost importance that the agency is renowned and sincere since you are committing yourself wholeheartedly to this agency longterm and want them to have your best interest at heart in return. So, have a look at their website – check out the team, how they introduce themself – and scroll down to the bottom of each page. You can find more advice at model forums online or check their credibility using the Velma list. At an interview with an agency for models feel free to ask many questions: Who are the agency’s clients? What are their plans for the next 5 to 10 years? What do they have in mind in regards of your own career as a model? If it’s a good and trustworthy modeling agency they will know all the answers to your questions and explain to you in detail what to expect.