Measurements for models and new faces

In the model business measurements are of extreme importance. Once, the model needs to be in shape, and stay in shape. Second, the client has specific requirements regarding the model’s measurements, as well. Standard information are the model’s height, weight, and dress size, but for fittings you also need to know the chest, waist and hip size – for photo shoots some clients want models with a certain hair or eye colour, sometimes even the shoe size matters. For female models, of course, the cup size is of great importance, too. It is vital that the model informs their agency about any changes whatsoever as soon as possible, because the client’s decision might be based on exact measurements or a particular hair cut.

For runway shows, the requirements towards the models are even higher. The minimum height for a female model to walk on the catwalk is at 174 cm, whereas the limit towards male models is at 184 cm of height. The models have to be rather thin, on top. For photo shoots the overall height of a model is not as important but still, with a height below the international standard they probably won’t be as successful long term on the international market. In commercials, on the other side, the model doesn’t have to be tall or overly thin, a model can be quite successful with a shape that is slightly more rounded, too.

It is said that the perfect body proportion for female models is at 90-60-90 for chest, waist and hip measurements, whereas such an ideal for male models doesn’t exist. The different designers, producers, phtographers, and clients however often have their own ideas in regards of how the perfect female body should be shaped.