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Titanium is the top leading 360 degree talent management structure in the fashion industry.

History of Titanium

At Titanium Management, our foundation lies in the unbreakable bond akin to the strength of nature’s toughest metal – titanium – symbolizing the enduring connection between siblings. This forms the cornerstone of our agency. As the leading 360-degree talent management structure in the fashion industry, we offer a unique, personalized approach that revolutionizes how talents’ careers are shaped, elevating their image to unprecedented heights. Central to our management ethos is providing comprehensive clarity and guidance across all facets of our team and talents’ professional lives. Our mission revolves around fostering growth and realizing the aspirations and dreams of those we represent. The genesis of Titanium stems from extensive market research, coupled with 20 years of industry experience, aiming to introduce something groundbreaking and innovative – a fresh paradigm in managing a model agency. Family values and integrity stand as our core principles.

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Titanium Management Paris

  • 50 Rue D’Aboukir, 75002 Paris, France
  • +33(1)87898541

Titanium Management London

  • 4 Ravey St, London EC2A 4QP, United Kingdom
  • +44 20 3848 6388

Review: Titanium Management

Many say that Titanium Management offers unparalleled opportunities for models, providing access to exclusive castings and top-tier clients. Their support and guidance are invaluable in this competitive industry.

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