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Boundary London is a boutique model agency discovering and representing high-end talent. Bound by understanding of the importance of personality, diversity and authenticity.

History of Boundary London

Boundary London, established in 2010, emerged as a pioneering creative agency challenging norms in branding and design. Founded by a team of innovative thinkers, the agency quickly gained prominence for its boundary-pushing strategies and client-centric approach. Through embracing digital innovation and a commitment to excellence, Boundary London earned acclaim, awards, and a reputation for tailored, high-quality solutions across diverse industries. Today, it stands as a leading force in creativity, shaping modern marketing and design with its innovative approach and exceptional work.

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Boundary London Agency London

  • 9 Luke Street, London EC2A4PX, United Kingdom
  • +44 77 32427708

Review: Boundary London

Many say that Boundary London is a hub of professionalism, maintaining strong relationships within the industry and consistently delivering for their models.

4.8 of 5.0 stars
by 5 bookers / scouts

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