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Anti Agency was founded in 2013. They focus on internationally based girls and boys with personality and something unique. They promote people they believe in and have a different philosophy than the other agencies. You need to visit their website.

History of Anti Agency

The Anti Agency, founded in London in 2013 by Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard, emerged as a revolutionary modeling agency challenging traditional beauty standards. Instead of prioritizing typical physical attributes, they scouted models based on personality and style, promoting diversity and individuality. Their approach redefined beauty norms, emphasizing inclusivity across gender, race, and body type. The agency’s impact led to collaborations with top brands, inspiring the fashion industry to embrace diversity and authenticity. Today, the Anti Agency continues to pioneer change, advocating for empowerment and representation within modeling while reshaping industry standards.

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Anti Agency London

  • 10f Shepperton House 83-93, Shepperton Road, London N1 3DF, United Kingdom
  • +44 203 393 8518

Review: Anti Agency

Many say that Anti Agency is a pinnacle of excellence in the modeling world, offering a wide array of opportunities and consistently delivering exceptional results for their talents.

4.9 of 5.0 stars
by 3 bookers / scouts

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