Karin Models: Agency, Application & Review

Karin Models is renowned for working with models and celebrities throughout the world. It’s a professional and respected agency that knows well how to be successful in the modeling world. Their models’ long-lasting careers as faces of major international brands are proof of that. Karin Models looks for variety and chooses promising new models based on uniqueness.

History of Karin Models

Karin Models, founded in Paris in 1978 by Karin Hesnault, revolutionized the fashion industry by embracing diversity and inclusivity from the start. Representing iconic models like Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, the agency expanded globally, maintaining its commitment to nurturing talent and promoting varied beauty standards. Today, Karin Models remains a pioneering force in the industry, championing diversity while adapting to evolving fashion trends and continuing to shape the future of modeling.

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Karin Models Paris

  • 23 rue d’Antin, 75002 Paris, France
  • + 33 01 76 21 76 30

Review: Karin Models

Many say that Karin Models is synonymous successfully, known for propelling models to stardom through their strategic placements and impressive client portfolio.

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