Naomi Campbell: The Ultimately Supermodel

Naomi Elaine Cambell was born on the 22th of May 1970 in Lambeth, London, she is a British model and actress. She is the daughter of Jamaican dancer Valerie Campbel, her father is also Jamaican, but they sadly never met. She finished school when she was 14 years old without any degree and went to the “Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts” and “London Academy of Performing Arts”. Her breakthrough in the model world was 1988, when she was the first black model on a Vogue cover after a Scout discovered her while shopping at London Covent Garden. After that, she begun her career as a supermodel and is still known as one of the most famous models and was part of the supermodel era.

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Naomi Campbell is known for her two different faces. On the one hand she is a diva with claws and she is definitely not afraid to use them. When asked if she was a diva, she replied: “Absolutely! I don’t like to lose and when someone says ‘no’, I find another way to get my ‘yes’.” From these words one can clearly conclude that she is a strong woman who knows what she wants. She is even often supposed to become violent towards staff, for which she has already got over 200 hours community service. One of her recent revenge actions was directed at one of her model students. The reason: The young model was in love with Naomi’s ex-fiance. Naomi terminated the contract of the younger competitors because of alleged unprofessionality.
But on the other hand, the British woman is very committed to aid and charity projects.
She is very committed to the Nelson-Mandela Foundation and received the “St.George’s Order” of the Semper Opera Ball Dresden. She has also led other projects such as Ebola education and charity evenings to raise funds for women and children in need. Her greatest passion is her commitment to people in sub-Saharan Africa, and she has worked with Nelson Mandela on several occasions, her most important encounters of all, according to her own statement.

How it all started:

But one question remains unanswered: How did Naomi Campbell manage to become so successful? How did it all begin?
Born in London, she dropped out of school at the age of 14, with the full support of her mother, as Naomi believes that no education is needed to become famous. As you can see only too well from her example, her statement is justified. Nevertheless she attended the “Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts”, a ballet school. There never was a father in Naomi’s life.
Her incomparable career began at the tender age of 15 when she was discovered by Beth Boldt, head of the Argent “Synchro”, in London’s Covent Garden.
Soon she was contracted by the renowned agency “Elite Model Management”. At the age of 15, she makes it onto the cover of British ELLE, Naomi Campbell’s big breakthrough. From now on she is one of the most successful newcomer faces and can hardly save herself from job offers. Her career went steeply uphill. In the 90s she belonged to the supermodel era and was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. She is the first black model to make it onto the title pages of the French, Japanese and Chinese Vogue. In the course of her successful career, she has made it onto over 500 title pages.

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