Vivienne Westwood: Punk, Naomi Campbell & Fashion Shows

Vivienne Westwood – She is the “Queen of Punk”. Unconventional cuts and wild patterns form the basis for Vivienne Westwood’s unique style. The fashion designer is famous for punky looks with pieces in striking check patterns. The British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood founded her label in London in 1981 and is considered the inventor of punk fashion. Her career began when she shocked the public with her outfits: pieces of clothing taken apart and reassembled in a new and unconventional way. In this article you hav a look at the story behind the designer, a meeting with famous model Naomi Campbell and her fashion shows. You want to become a model? Then you definetly must know Vivienne Westwood.

Brit Style Gone Wild – The History

A former elementary school teacher become the Queen of Punk. Look at the crazy story of Vivienne Westwood.

Naomi Campbell Meets Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood and Naomi Campbell will forever be linked by a moment in catwalk history: when the supermodel toppled off her vertiginous heels on Westwood’s runway in Paris in 1993.

Fashion Show Fall / Winter

The Queen of Punk presents her special collection for fall / winter in Paris with famous models.

Fashion Show Spring / Summer

The famous designer presents her spring / summer collection in Paris.

More About Fashion

Paris, the mother of fashion and the capital of elegance is the city where every year thousands of people around the globe travel to, because of the Fashion Week.