Philipp Plein Interview at Milan Fashion Week about his most favourite designs

Interview with Philipp Plein at Milan Fashion Week

Philipp Plein: Who is he as a designer?

Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer who got very successful internationally through the years of his work. He studied law in Germany at first but then started to follow his passion in designing and began his career with selling furniture. Then he began to use expensive leather materials to create even more exclusive clothing for women and men. Today his brand is based in Lugano, Switzerland and his designs stand for exclusiveness and luxury. His clothes are rough and edgy, a lot of black, leather, varnish, slouches and bling. Philipp Plein loves to provoke with his collections and there is no “too sexy” in his universe. Sexy, confident women and cool, tough and rough men are the customers Plein is asking for.

Next to usual clothing like sweatshirts, pants and so on Plein also designs and sells a lot of accessories like hats, gloves, jewellery, caps, belts, sunglasses and scarves. Last but not least Philipp Plein produces the famous “Plein Bears” which start at a price of roughly 1.700 USD for the smallest bear. The teddybears are covered with fur and wear the signature PP logo.

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