Philipp Plein: Luxury Fashion, Collaboration & Designer

Philipp Plein – Provocant and extraordinary is the fashion of the label. Philipp Plein became famous not least for his spectacular fashion shows in Milan and New York, where he usually presents his women’s and men’s lines on prominent models, such as Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk.

Fashion Show: Women

Rivets, skulls and lots of leather the label  relies on deliberate provocation. With outstanding success: celebrities like Naomi Campbell and Marcus Schenkenberg are among the brand’s fans.

Spring / Summer

The spring / summer Philipp Plein women’s collection is characterised by a mix of playful femininity and dark elements. Stereotypical girls’ T-shirts with princess prints meet leather jackets, studded details and gothic-style dresses.

Fashion Show For Men

For men, the typical Pilipp Plein print shirts with skulls, animals and tribals dominate. They are complemented by jogging trousers, ripped jeans, bomber and biker jackets with lots of stitching, zips and rivets.

Fall / Winter

Rocking and uncoventional is the fall / winter collection of Philipp Plein.

Playboy x Plein

The famous Playboy venture and Philipp Plein come together in a playful yet sexy collection for the energetic men and seductive women.

Fashion Of Philipp Plein

The designer Philipp Plein is also called “The King of Bling” in the fashion industrie.

Luxury High Heels

The high heels of the label are decorated with a lot of swarovski diamonds.

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