Yves Saint Laurent: Fashion Show, Commercials & Interviews

Yves Saint Laurent – The French luxury brand is one of the most popular fashion brands from France, alongside Chanel, Dior and Balenciaga. The YSL brand is not only known for its breathtaking fragrances, but also for its expressive fashion, including haute couture. Whether it is cosmetics or garments, one encounters diversity with the famous brand. The brand’s garments are made by Belgian fashion designer and creative director Anthony Vaccerello, who was previously creative director at Versace. The fashion shows are characterised by famous personalities and enchanting backdrops. Here we show the most beautiful and interesting winter and summer fashion shows for men and women.

Fashion for Women & Men: Catwalk & Advertising

Yves Saint Laurent, YSL for short, makes fashion for men and women. We present you the best Yves Saint Laurent fashion shows, as well as famous catwalks with VIPs, such as Naomi Campbell and Kaia Gerber, famous commercials and much more. Whether winter or summer the Parisian fashion label offers a mix of classic, elegant, diverse and modern styles.

Women: Summer & Winter for Women

The fashion label provides women with their fashion throughout all seasons. On the catwalks, the various splendours are staged by the models.

Winter collection: 90’s style fashion

YSL presents the collection ”Ready to Wear”. Backstage, designer and creative director Anthony Vaccerello emphasised a woman’s strength and self-confidence. Models strutted down the catwalk in colourful blazers and tight black latex trousers. Characteristically for YSL, the fashion is predominantly black, but with colourful elements the Parisian fashion label surprises its audience anew. Get an impression of the winter show in the video.

Summer: Fashion Show at the Eiffel Tower

The summer fashion show of the women’s collection took place in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. The models presented Anthony Vaccerello’s designs with the same glow as the Eiffel Tower shines through the lights in the evening. Special guest was Naomi Campbell, who closed the fashion show with her legendary walk. A show that will definitely be remembered!

Men: Summer fashion for men

The designer brand not only focuses on women’s fashion and cosmetics, but also on men’s fashion. The designer presents his men’s collection with many eye-catching patterns, but still the glamour must not be missing. Simple elegance with that certain something met with revealing cuts. Saint Laurent once again surprises his audience with self-confident fashion for men.

Summer: Men Spring Summer in Malibu

Vaccarello likes to stage his shows with the audience sitting on one side of the catwalk so that the fashion can work on the models in the backdrop. The Men Spring/Summer Fashion Show was held in Malibu, California, on the beach overlooking the ocean. Instead of colourful spring hues, the designer stayed true to YSL’s signature black. US celebrities Miley Cyrus, Keanu Reeves and LaKeith sat in the front rows of the audience.

VIPs: Naomi Campbell & Kaia Gerber

The Parisian brand regularly works with supermodels such as Kaia Gerber, Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, or with various influencers. Kaia Gerber, daughter of model Cindy Gerber and businessman Rande Gerber Crawford, recently collaborated with the model label. Whether Kaia or Naomi, young or old, the label caters to the entire fashion market.

Naomi Campbell: Spring campaign

It’s hard to imagine Yves Saint Laurent without the successful British model as the face of the label. In the spring 2021 collection, she once again presents the stunning garments, which this time appear softer and more restrained.

Commercials: YSL’s perfume and cosmetics

The model label offers not only textiles, but also accessories and beauty care. With lipsticks, creams and perfumes, the brand provides a wide range of products for men and women.

Eau De Parfum “Intense Libre”: Freedom

A combination of French lavender and Moroccan orange blossom. The fragrance of the popular “Libre Intense” perfume has a light masculine touch, but with light orchid accents that make it gentle and sensual. The fragrance embodies freedom – the freedom to live without restraint. Here you can see the commercial for the Eau De Parfum “Libre Intense” by YSL.

About Yves Saint Laurent: Films & Interviews

If you’ve made it this far and want to learn more about the brand, here are a few more videos for you.

Film drama: The life of the designer

The film “Yves Saint Laurent” is a French film drama that tells the life story of the late fashion designer. Despite great scepticism, Saint Laurent already convinced the fashion world with his first collection and became an icon of haute couture. The biography was published in 2014, 7 years after the designer’s death. Here you can watch the trailer of the film.

Interview with the director of the film

In the video, director Olivier Meyrou talks about directing the film “Yves Saint Laurent” and his close yet deceptive relationship with Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent’s partner.

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