Manolo Blahnik: Witney Shoe, Denim Desserts & Sex and the City

Manolo Blahnik – The brand is known for its original, creative flair, as well as timeless classics and loyal customers, including film stars. The Manolo Blahnik name is particularly popular with high society ladies and has become synonymous with luxurious women’s shoes. Since 1971, the designer has created each pair himself in his London studio. In this article you will find a spot for the summer collection, a trailer for the film about Manolo Blahnik, as well as a clip of the famous marriage proposal from Sex and the City, a collaboration with Rihanna and finally an interview with the famous designer.

Fashion: Shoes

Manolo Blahnik’s imaginative, extravagant shoe creations are unique. His trademarks are high heels, unusual designs and a mix of different materials. The designer draws inspiration from films and nature, but also from famous fashion designers. Trends are a foreign word for Manolo, he creates absolutely timeless and stylish designs.

Spotted Shoe Collection

Shoes Shoes Shoes – These fun and light prints are perfect for summer.

Making of the Witney Shoe

Go behind the scenes and discover the craftsmanship behind the witney shoe.

Interview: Manolo Blahnik by Vogue

Let´s learn more about the designer.

Manolo Blahnik by Vogue

When you think of Manolo Blahnik and his fabulous shoes, you think of elegance, sophistication and timelessness. In this interview, Manolo Blahnik spills the beans and shows a completely different side of himself.

Trailer:  About Manolo Blahnik

More about Manolo Blahnik.

Film Trailer

The boy who made shoes for lizards – A love story about a man’s unbridled passion for his work.

Celebrities & Collaboration: Denim Desserts & Sex and the City

Discover two collaborations and the sex and the city moment.

Rihanna X Manolo Denim Desserts

Get swept away by Manolo’s incredible craftsmanship in this video and discover the edgy denim-look shoes.

Falke X Manolo Blahnik

In an exciting project, Manolo Blahnik is teaming up with FALKE, the renowned German sock manufacturer, to produce a limited run of special edition socks designed by Manolo.

Sex and the City – Wedding Proposal

The legendary marriage proposal from Sex and the City – Instead of a ring, Mr. Big put a high heel made of dark blue velvet with a brooch by Manolo Blahnik on his girlfriend Carrie. The “Hangisi” shoe model has since achieved absolute cult status and is extremely popular.

Community: Shoe collection

Shoe collection

A huge shoe collection of Manolo Blahnik Shoes.

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