Rick Owens: Michele Lamy, Fashion Shows & Sneakers

Rick Owens – Rick Owens actually studied art and likes to incorporate his artistic ideas into clothing, fashion shows and exhibitions. His style is predominantly futuristic and dark colours. The designer is one of the more popular contemporary designers right now whilst still considered a niche so very interesting to know about him and his namesake brand. In this article you learn more about the fashion of the famous designer and look behind the scenes of Rick Owens.

Fashion Show: For Woman & Men

Rick Owens is a lifestyle.



Fashion: Centre Pompideu

Exhibition at the Centre Pompideu

For some excerpts and the general structure of the performance, you can watch this video.

Interview: Rick Owens

Let´s go backstage!

In the Studio

This interview shows the designer at work in his studio as he talks about his thoughts and inspirations in his collections and art.


In Bed With Rick Owens & Michele Lamy

In bed with Rick Owens and Michele Lamy.

Brand History

Let´s get to know more about the brand.

Celebrities & Collaboration: Adidas X Rick Owens

Adidas X Rick Owens

Adidas teamed up with fashion designer Rick Owens on a sneaker collection that is rather unique. In the video the first sneaker styles from the collaboration are being highlighted and previewed in detail.

Community: Dr. Martens & Sneaker Collection

Dr. Martens

A fantastic collaboration between Dr.Martens and Rick Owens. Here you can find a try on.

Sneaker Collection

Sneaker Collection of Rick Owens.

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