Haider Ackermann: Columbian Designer, Interview & Fashion Shows

Haider Ackermann – The designer founded his eponymous label in 2001. His trademark are contrasts and he loves to play with colours. He worked for various fashion houses to raise money for his own collection, including Raf Simons and John Galliano. A lot of stars like Victoria Beckham and Kanye West are wearing the fashion of the designer. In this article you see the fashion of Haider Ackermann for Women and Men.

Fashion Show: Women & Men

In his collections for women and men he focuses on androgynous, straight cuts.

Spring / Summer

The spring / summer collection for women presents contrasting high-end fashion.

Fall / Winter

The fall / winter collection for men contains vivid colours and contrasts.

Interview with the Designer

Haider Ackermann talks in this interview with Vogue about his relationship to fashion and his views on Haute Couture.

More famous Designer

Do you know Raf Simons? No? Than here we go:

The menswear label Raf Simons was founded in 1995. The Belgian designer draws a lot of inspiration from the rebellious youth subcultures of the nineties and, like other fashion brands, tries to combine them with the precision and techniques of traditional menswear. He is constantly searching for a redefinition of masculinity, and personal statements about individuality are an integral part of his creative process.