Jaquemus: Le Chiquito Bag, Bucket Hat & Gigi Hadid Hair Flip

Jaquemus – Influencers, supermodels and world stars like Gigi Hadid, Celine Dion, Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian love the French fashion designer. The credo of the designer, Simon Porte Jacquemus: “Spontaneity instead of strategy”, quickly made the fashion label one of the most successful luxury brands and fashion companies in Paris. The combination of qualitative minimalism, rebellious design, asymmetrical silhouettes and unexpected sex appeal in lots of good mood colors finds big fans worldwide. Especially the chic mini bags go viral again and again. In this article

Fashion Shows: For Woman & Men

Jaquemus designs wearable fashion at affordable prices, for a cosmopolitan generation with a penchant for extravagance. The brand stands for a minimalist style, which is reflected in the new collections. In the following videos, the new spring/summer and fall/winter collections is presented.

Spring / Summer

The dreamiest runway!

Fall / Winter

Look at the diversity in this show!

Campaign – La Bomba

Fashion: Le Chiquito Bag

All woman love the bags of Jacquemus!

How to spot fake Jacquemus le chiquito bag

Interview: The Backseat & Making Pizza

The Backseat Interview

He talks about his attitude to the fashion show – “keep it positive”.

Make Pizza with Jacquemus

Sharing his first ever attempt at the classically cosy recipe, the French designer has every step to make staying home as tasty as Rome. Buon appetito !

Celebrities & Collaboration: Gigi Hadid & Swarovski

Jacquemus is working with many top models and well-known designer.

Gigi Hadid at Jacquemus Runway

Catwalk moment and “hair flip” of Gigi Hadid in the luxury white dress.

Jaquemus x Swarovski

Jaquemus has chosen Swarovski for a special collaboration this season.

Community: What´s in my bag & bag collcetion

Let´s have a look at the community!

What´s in my bag

Bag Collection

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