Balenciaga: Speed Trainer, City Bag & The Simpsons

Balenciaga- Known as ‘The Master’ of Haute Couture, Cristóbal Balenciaga produced some of the most influential designs in the history of modern fashion. With his creations Cristóbal Balenciaga was always ahead of his time. In this articel we show you Balenciagas flagship-products like the speed trainer or the city bag. You also find an very impressive collaboration with the simpsons and an Interview with Alexander Wang talking about his time at Balenciaga.

Fashion Shows: For Woman & Men

Let´s discover the fashion shows for woman and men.


The collection is named “Hacker – Project”. The new spring and summer collection tests our perception of reality in a world where we can no longer distinguish between unedited and edited, or fact and fiction.


Look at the stunning scenery.

Fall Campaign: Live to Love

For the campaign “Live to Love” Balenciaga shot an emotional film accompanied by soulful music.

Fashion: Handbag, Speed Trainer

Bags, Sneakers & more.

Fake vs Real Balenciaga Handbag

How to make sure your Balenciaga handbag is authentic. Make sure your Balenciaga is not a Fake.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer

This is a comparison video which looks at the differences between a retail pair of Balenciaga Speed Trainers and a replica pair.

Interview: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Discusses Balenciaga

Designer Alexander Wang talks about the challenge of being the creative director for the storied brand Balenciaga.

Celebrities & Collaboration: Kim Kardashian & The Simpsons

 Balenciaga Shopping

Kim Kardashian & Kayne West Balenciaga Shopping

The Simpsons x Balenciaga

The famous cartoon characters Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie Simpson and more characters from the hit animated series model for haute couture brand Balenciaga.

Community: Bag Collection & What´s in my Bag

Bag Collection

Bags, Bags, Bags.

What´s in my bag

What’s in her Balenciaga City bag.

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