Behind the Scenes with the Vogue Editors at London Fashion Week

What does a Vogue editor wear at London Fashion Week? What pressure are the fashion experts under? And who do you meet in the front row as a well-known editor? The day of a Vogue Editor is very stressful and exhausting, especially during Fashion Week. Besides a lot of planning and back and forth, the editors analyze the shows to report on them later. What a typical day of the Top British Vogue Editors looks like you can find out here.

How the Vogue Team does London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week Insider – Get an insider view of what it’s really like to attend London Fashion Week and join the Vogue editors at London Fashion Week at the September spring/summer shows. Get inspired with an access all areas look at Vogue, including behind-the-scenes films, reels and original fashion shorts.

British Vogue Editors: Supporting british designers

Vor der Show ist nach der Show heißt es so gut. Für die Editoren der British Vogue ist das die Realität.

The task of the editors is to support British designers. There is a huge amout of advertising money that comes from british designers. There are a lot of Vogue editors, hundrets of editors. In a way their role is to be chair leader for British Names, who might not get the attention. On the other lever they are actually just the See. Seeing what the designers are doing. If the Vogue pays attention, everyone else will pay attention.

“London Fashion Week is always very exciting for the point of view of creativity and ideas” (American Vogue Editor Hamish Bowles)

For the Vogue employees, Fashion Week is a real race. From one show to the other to always be on time at the show.

Recap London Fashion Week

Even though it lasts less than seven days, London Fashion Week always feels like a seemingly endless whirlwind of fashion shows, appointments, and parties. But—as with all good things—it comes to an end. Here, however, are some highlights from on (and off) the runway so you don’t miss a thing.