Paris Fashion Week: Youtube-Star Emma Chamberlain attends with Louis Vuitton

Youtube and Instagram sensation Emma Chamberlain has been known in the Instagram fashion world for a few years now and has set a lot of trends in the younger generations. Now she takes on Paris Fasion Week with Louis Vuitton.

Emma Chamberlain: A Young Sensation

Emma Chamberlain is a 19-year-old with millions of followers online, reaching multiple platforms everyday including YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. She has recently and successfully relaunched her own shop for ground coffee and also sells her own line of merch which she designs based on her personal life for her fans to enjoy. She inspires younger generations with her unique and sustainable style and has been featured in many fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan, where she was on the cover. In 2019 she was first invited to Paris Fashion Week by Louis Vuitton and attended their show.

Emma Chamberlain with Louis Vuitton in Paris

Emma talks about her experience with Louis Vuitton and her brand favorites, getting ready in a parisian hotel with Vogue:

Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week 2019

The show Emma Chamberlain attended was set at the Louvre in Paris: