Louis Vuitton: Romantic Handbags, Kaia Gerber & Backstag Footage

Top videos of Louis Vuitton. Exciting catwalks, famous supermodels and creative commercials. Louis Vuitton is a French brand in a class of its own, with a long history and lots of success. Besides handbags, the French luxury label is now also known for its sneakers, clothing and accessories. But what makes a Louis Vuitton fashion show so unique? Which models have been in front of the camera for the brand? This and more you will find out.

Louis Vuitton – A former suitcase manufacturer who revolutionized fashion

The Maison Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854. Today, the founder’s spirit of adventure and love of travel is still present: the luxury brand regularly launches innovative and progressive handbags and travel bags, extravagant and luxurious sneakers and sparkling accessories. The spirit of Louis Vuitton is also reflected in the fashion shows and commercials. No wonder the French fashion empire is one of Hollywood’s favourites.

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Spectacular fashion shows & breathtaking backdrops

Louis Vuitton spares no effort at the fashion shows. So the team regularly travels abroad and invites its guests to events there. Plans exciting performances before the shows or uses only the most creative stage sets. See here the highlights of their runway shows.

Luxurious catwalk with the A-list of Hollywood in the Front Row

In front of 514 invited guests, the models walked up and down the catwalk in the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum. In the Front Rows sat greats like Alicia Vikander, Zendaya and Jaden Smith, who were flown in specially to Rio de Janeiro. The days before the fashion show, the who-is-who of Hollywood was entertained with exciting excursions and events. Around 300 team members were involved in the preparation and implementation. The result is impressive. See for yourself here in the video.

Innovative men’s collection for the winter

Kate Moss. Naomi Campbell. For the 2018 fashion show, the fashion house only let the supermodels of the world on the catwalk. For the cold season, creative director Kim Jones chose jackets with removable linings, sweaters with lots of prints and muted colors. Highlights here were monogrammed leggings and LV logos on tops. Watch the whole video here.


Dark fashion show with sensual lingerie and lots of naked skin

For the 2011/12 collection, creative director of the Marc Jacobs brand was inspired by fetishes. Puffed sleeves with plasticized lace are strongly reminiscent of the classic housemaids of yesteryear, black rubber and lace-up boots of the profession of dominatrixes and trousers in jodhpur shapes of the discipline dressage. The idea was born after Jacobs talked to Bernard Arnault of LVMH about the female obsession with handbags.

Commercials with creative storyline

Just as exciting as the runway shows are the commercials from Louis Vuittons. These are always cleverly thought out and are only directed by the who-is-who of the industry. Besides outrageously good-looking models, many celebrities are also welcome in the clips.

Playful advertising clip with a royal touch

The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2021 collection is playful, which is also reflected in the commercial. It takes the viewer into the fantastic world of Louis Vuitton inspired by playing cards. The creative director here was Nicolas Ghesquière. Check out the clip here.

Romantic handbags collection with strong visuals

The focus here is on the new handbag creations of the fashion label. The whole thing is inspired by the Belle Époque era and was taken by star photographer Collier Schorr at the Park Lane Hotel in London. The whole thing is rounded off with a performance by Hollywood darling Emma Stone and Chinese actress Zhong Chuxi.

Louis Vuitton and his outrageously beautiful mannequins

Of course only the best supermodels are in front of the camera for the French fashion label. While Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell took the breath away from the Front Row during the runway shows, Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss can be seen here in the advertising clips.

Kaia Gerber as sun worshipper for the Twist Bag

German supermodel Kaia Gerber can be seen in the new advertising clip of the French fashion empire. She is the new advertising face of the Twist Bag. This conquered the fashion world in 2015 and has been one of the company’s classics ever since. This year, Louis Vuitton has further refined some details of the bag: The handle of the handbag is made of plexiglass this season and the wave bottom design of the handbag can now be extended if necessary.

Karlie Kloss has the perfect bag for every occasion

Supermodel Karlie Kloss and Louis Vuitton show ‘The Art of Packing’ in this clip. So here you can see several Louis Vuitton Capucines bags. In these bags the model packs a classic work look, a breathtaking outfit for a black tie event and a casual look. For every look there is of course the perfect bag. You can find out here which one it is.

The Making of Louis Vuitton – Interviews & Backstage Footage

A Louis Vuitton fashion show requires a lot of preparation – the anticipation is great and the pressure on the Louis Vuitton team all the greater. Here you can see how things go on behind the scenes and how the exquisite creations are created in the studio in France. We also reveal 10 things that you certainly did not know about the French luxury brand.

Behind the Scenes with Virgil Abloh

What is his inspiration? How is the gifted creative director and visionary Virgil Abloh doing in the minutes before the show and what is he particularly keen on? An exclusive insight backstage can be found here in the video.

Exclusive insight into the studio of Louis Vuitton

Here ideas are turned into action and the latest must haves of the season are created. Youtuber Loïc Prigent and the Louis Vuitton Team go together to the studio in France and sometimes even lend a hand here and there.

10 things you did not know about Louis Vuitton

Where was the first store of Louis Vuitton? What inspired the founder? What role do the two world wars play in the history of Louis Vuitton? These questions are answered in this video.