Kenzo: Kalifornia Bag, Tiger Sweatshirt & Kenzine

Kenzo – The designer Kenzo Takada, who came to Europe from Japan in a slow boat, shook up fashion with his wild prints and Eastern influences. Kenzo Takada, along with Issey Miyake and Hanae Mori, was one of the first wave of Japanese designers to conquer the exclusive world of Paris fashion in the 1970s.Known for his innovative tailoring and excessive use of color and pattern, Kenzo’s designs were inspired by a kind of wanderlust, with an eclectic mix of different global styles and cultures. In this article we show you Kenzos flagship products lik the kalifornia bag or the tiger sweathsirt, also some collaborations and interviews. Let´s have a look at Kenzo!

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Fashion: Tiger sweatshirt, Kalifornia Bag & Bumbag

How to spot fake Kenzo Sweatshirt

Tips on how to spot fake Kenzo Tiger Sweatshirt.

Kenzo Sport

Kenzo Sport offers a wardrobe with a strong graphic design, where technical materials are worked to combine elegance and comfort.

Kalifornia Bag

The iconic kalifornia bag.

Tiger Bumbag

The belt bag, with its roots in 80s and 90s fashion, is making a remarkable comeback with this sporty chic design made of material inspired by surfing and diving.

Interview: Kenzo Takada & Facts about the designer

Interview with Kenzo Takada

From fashion to lifestyle.

How Kenzo became a Fashion Legend

The history behind Kenzo.

Facts about Kenzo

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Kenzo.

Collaboration: Vans & Kenzine

Kenzo x Vans

Kenzo reprises its partnership with the iconic skate brand Vans with a new footwear collaboration.

Kenzine by Kenzo & Toiletpaper

Kenzine is a collaboration between Toiletpaper magazine and Kenzo.

Community: Kenzo Collection & Backpacks

Kenzo Collection

Kenzo collection his flaghsip products.

Backpack Collection

See here some great Kenzo backpacks.

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