Dolce&Gabbana: Behind the Scenes of the Luxurious Runway Shows & Pompous Stores 

Top videos from Dolce&Gabbana: Jersey lines. Underwear. Swim costumes. Extravagant evening gowns and sweet fragrances. There is hardly anything that the Italian fashion empire Dolce&Gabbana has left out in the last decades. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the luxury brand, from our editorial team’s favourite runway shows to an exclusive look at the flagship stores.

Italian Fashion Creators with Worldwide Success

Together, the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have created a unique fashion empire that revolutionized the world of fashion. Since their humble beginnings, they have not only made many statements with their exciting designs, but have also achieved a lot. They won both the “Woolmark Award” and the “Perfume Academy Award”. They are represented in over 16 factory outlets and own over 323 stores around the world.

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Exciting Fashion Shows and Emotional Commercials

Dolce&Gabbana’s runway shows are always unique, cleverly thought out and set the standard higher from year to year. But the commercials of the fashion empire are also very special. What do they have in common? Exciting sets and outrageously good-looking models.

Animal Prints and Tropical Silk for the Summer

The theme of the Dolce & Gabbana 2020 Ready To Wear collection was clear. The hall was furnished with huge palm trees and leopard carpets. Welcome to the Sicilian jungle in a class of its own was the motto here: “We enjoy making something glamorous, and we love the sense of happiness, summertime. It’s our philosophy.”

Androgynous Pantsuits and Elegant Classic Dresses

The two Italian fashion designers sent their mannequins across the catwalk with lots of knitwear. The cuts were androgynous; almost boyish. The unique representation of a fashionable symbiosis of manhood and femininity you could see here in the video.

Flowery-sweet Scent and Pure Joy of Life

Dolce&Gabbana are also active in the field of fragrances. Especially popular here: Dolce Shine – a fruity-sweet perfume for the femme fatale of modern times. The commercial is lively, playful and colourful with a charming model in the leading role and the breathtaking Italian scenery.

The Extravagant and Unique Stores of Dolce&Gabbana

Polished marble, giant spiral staircases and gilded furniture – the stores of the luxury label are as noble as the designs of the brand itself. You can find out what the brand’s flagship stores look like here.

London: Avant-garde and Magnificent with Fine Natural Stone

Only the best and most artistic natural stone was chosen for the new flagship store in London. Powerful and splendid at the same time, it runs through the store as a spiral staircase. You can see the flair this monochromatic design gives the new store here in the video.

Milan: Sensual and Royal with a Touch of Italian Sophistication

On three floors you will find the latest Dolce & Gabbanas creations. The flair of the store is reminiscent of the beginning of the fashion empire – traditional, emotional and an ode to femininity. An impressive basalt staircase in the middle of the store connects the floors.

Dubai: Playful Designs and Noble Furnishings Create a Unique Atmosphere

The new store in the Dubai Mall not only reflects the contemporary spirit, but also the playful personality of the brand. Bold and sporty, the men’s collection is presented here, while the signature motif of the current women’s collection as wallpaper perfectly rounds off the store.

Behind the Scenes of the Italian Fashion label

The luxury label Dolce&Gabbana stands for exclusive haute couture and eccentric Prêt-à-porter. Behind every design and every show there is a lot of work and passion. See here how one of the most popular bags of the brand is produced and how it goes on backstage at a fashion show.

The Making of the Devotion Bag

The Devotion Bag from Dolce & Gabbanas pays as one of the most popular creations of the designers. How the favourite bag is made and how the process works exactly, you can see here in the video.

Backstage of the Fashion Show “Alta Moda”

An exclusive look behind the scenes of the brand’s dazzling fashion show is available here – including nervous models, busy make-up artist and the two designers themselves.

Open, Honest, Unproblematic – The Fashion Creators in Interviews

The fashion empire looks back on a long history. How the two designers met, why they founded the fashion label and what their lives are like today can be read here.

Fashion Icons Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Editor-in-Chief Imran Amed sat down with the creative heads behind the brand Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to discuss the impact of the internet on their work as designers, the future of the brand and what keeps them inspired.

Humble Beginnings Followed by a Unique Success Story

What was the first collection of the fashion brand? How did these two meet and what does a day in their life look like? Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana answered these questions in an exclusive interview with CNN’s Paula Newton.