Milan Casting: Experience of a Model

Milan Casting – The fashion metropolis of Milan offers many international models an incredible starting platform. Jobs in Milan range from Fendi to Gucci and here newer models often get a chance to work with big names. Between the famous landmarks, you often discover familiar faces in Milano, because the city is a real hotspot for celebrities. Every year the city inspires with the Milan Fashion Week and sets new trends in the fashion world. As a model you have many opportunities but also a lot of competition. The right contacts of the management, the network, all that decides to your personal strengths, how far you get. In this article you will learn everything about casting in Milan to become a model.

Casting experience of a model

As a model, you have to have a lot of stamina and, above all, be tough. Castings are usually cool and short. it’s not the personality that counts, but the right measurements and the look. A model will take you exclusively to castings during the Milan Fashion Week.

Best of Milan Fashion Week

From Versace’s 3D maze runway, where Gigi Hadid returned, to Fendi’s timeless collection full of knitwear and suits, Milan Fashion Week did not disappoint. Throughout the week there is a lot of fashion inspiration from brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Max Mara.

Milan Fashion Week with Romee Strijd

All Fashion lovers must know Romee Strijd! She is a true star and takes you with her to the Milan Fashion Week.

Casting Call!

Who actually does casting? Read more about our: