London Casting Calls: Models & LFW

London Casting Calls – In the city of London you have many possibilities to become a model. Casting Calls give you the chance to prove your ability as a model and gain a lot of experience. In this articel a model shows her casting day for the Margaret Howell show in London and another model takes you with her on a typical model day.

Model Casting at LFW

London Fashion Week is for many people the favourite tims of the year. Morgan Fernandez films her experience as a model going to castings, fittings, behind the scenes of the Margaret Howell show, as well as tips from model agents & a haul of amazing products she received in her fashion week goody bag!

Working as a London Model

A model takes you behind the scenes of her fashion week castings in london.

How to do a casting?

Who actually does casting? Read more about our: