New York Casting Calls: Behind the Scenes at NYFW

New York Casting Calls – The castings in New York are very diverse. An easy way to become a model is to attend castings and searching for modeling agencies in New York. In this article we show you some videos of casting experience and tips for getting the job you dream of. We also show you a casting of John Elliot for the New York Fashion Week.

Casting Vlog NYFW

In this video a model shows her casting week at the New York Fashion Week. She gives tips and talks about her experience in the past years.

Casting for John Elliot NYFW

Watch the process of how John Elliott cast the models for his Fall/Winter 2018 collection for the New York Fashion Week.

Model Casting for NYFW

Designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin of Tome search for models and muses to carry the spirit of their collection.

Casting Call!

Who actually does casting? Read more about our: