New York Casting: Model Vlog & Tips

New York Casting – In New York there are many exciting castings for various jobs. New York is the city of many possibilities and the home to many designers and brands. If you want to become a model in New York, castings are a great possibilitie to get a job for brands or fashion shows. In this article we show you a model vlog for castings at the NYFW. Tips for the Model Casting and the best of New York Fashion Week over the last years.

Casting Vlog NYFW

A model shows her casting week at the New York Fashion Week. She gives tips and talks about her experience.

Tips for the Model Casting NYFW

Do´s and Dont´s for the model casting in NYC.

Here you can see the best of New York Fashion Week in autumn / winter.

How to do a casting? 

Who actually does casting? Read more about our: