Kate Moss: 90s Supermodel, Interview & Runway Shows

Kate Moss – The Queen of scandals. Supermodel Kate Moss is actually too small at 170 cm, yet she was one of the most popular model of the 90s. But even as a teenager, Kate Moss was not interested in rules: In no time at all she turned the fashion world’s head and ascended to the Olympus of supermodels. Instead of sipping her mineral water, she preferred to drink champagne from the bottle and party until dawn. In this article you find an Interview and some Fashion Shows of the Supermodel Kate Moss. You want to become a model? Then you must know Kate Moss.

15 Questions with Kate Moss

Whether it’s a morning routine or her going out make-up, Kate Moss answers every question.

Facts About The Supermodel

In this video you lern some intresting facts about the Supermodel, like who discovered Kate Moss?  How much money does Kate Moss have?

Runway Transformation Over The Years

Look how Kate has changed her looks in the past years. A pretty girl has become an elegant woman.

Interview With Kate Moss 1997

In this interview you see the young kate moss in 1997. At the time she was at the peak of her career as a model.

More about Supermodels

How does the todays modern woman look like ? As we know that the present is an result of the past, there are people in the past who has impacted societies view on beauty and fashion. We present to you, the Supermodels of the 90s. These amazing women killed the Runways in the 90s and are still being celebrated.